The Elisabeth Elliot Newsletter

Newsletter The Elisabeth Elliot Newsletter ceased publication with the November/December 2003 issue. As Elisabeth writes in that issue...

I began writing this newsletter in 1982 with the help of Servant Publications in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At first I thought it might be a bit misleading to call it a "newsletter." After all, it didn't convey much actual news. It hasn't been "relevant" in the popular sense. But I took refuge in C.S. Lewis' remark, "All that is not eternal is eternally out of date," and I tried to include things eternal in every issue. Like the psalmist, I have had a burning desire to share "good words." ("My heart is teeming with a good word; I utter what I have framed concerning the King." Psalm 45:1, Kay).

Now it is time to end the newsletter. This will be your last issue. Two factors brought about this decision: One was wondering how long to keep doing the newsletter, and the other was that Servant could no longer continue doing the layout and all that is required to get the newsletter into your hands. So it seems to be the right time to bring this chapter of my life to a close. There is no adequate way to express my deepest gratitude to you readers for all that you have meant to me. I'm particularly grateful for having met many of you in person, and for your many notes and letters over the years."

I bid you farewell with words from a hymn written by Anna L. Waring in 1850:

Father, I know that all my life
Is portioned out for me,
And the changes that are sure to come
I do not fear to see;
I ask Thee for a present mind,
Intent on pleasing Thee.

I would not have the restless will
That hurries to and fro,
Seeking for some great thing to do
Or secret thing to know;
I would be treated as a child
And guided where I go.

Wherever in the world I am,
In whatsoever estate,
I have a fellowship with hearts
To keep and cultivate .