Ramblings from the Cove...

August 2018

By Lars Gren

Most of my time is spent with letters sent to me saying something about Elisabeth’s work and it what it meant to them, and from what I daily read, I am encouraged to know, it is still an ongoing work. So rather than my trying to cobble up a Ramblings for you this month about my trip to Israel (I’ll postpone that a little bit), I will give you a little glimpse into my mailbox at the Cove.

Recently a letter came that certainly touches the heart in more ways than one. Karmen wrote to me asking if I would send Elisabeth’s book, “A Path Through Suffering” to a friend of hers named Sarah. She also explained a little bit about why it was being sent. At a later time I received the reason for her sending this book in a very vivid manner. Sarah sent Karmen a thank you note for the book with the birth announcement of her dear stillborn baby Theodore. Sarah sent Karmen this message:

Dear Karmen,
Sarah with child Thank you again for sending the book. We were thinking of things past and the Lord knew it would help prepare me for what was to come. There were many concerned for my hearth and I didn’t know how to share we were expecting—we thought we would surprise with a baby. Theodore means “God’s gift” and he is just that—a gift for eternity not for this world. I wasn’t sure how I would care for a baby even though I wanted and love him so much. The Lord gave me the hope a baby gives and is taking care of Theodore for me. Words from the book you sent often came to mind—the Lord’s provision is perfect. Thank you, Karmen! We are well and thankful. I have shared the book with a friend and another friend waiting to read it.
Much love, Sarah

And here is another letter from another woman who was recently introduced to Elisabeth’s teaching:

A short time ago, when I visited the website of the Blue Letter Bible, I found a link to elisabethelliot.org. Following the link, I found a dear friend and mentor: Elisabeth. I never met her during her time on earth (I know a lady who met her when she was young). But listening to one of her messages made me feel familiar with her and my heart became very joyful. The seriousness and spiritual depth of her talk, combined with great clarity, wisdom, a sharp intellect and a fine sense of humor very much spoke to my heart. Since that day when I met Elisabeth, my spiritual life has deepened and I am much more focused on the word of God and on the eternal goal than before. I already had been focused to a certain degree, but now I have become much more committed to following Jesus whatever the cost may be. “The world behind me, the cross before me.” I don’t’ know what you think about it, but I can feel her (Elisabeth) helping me. When inside my heart I asked her whether she had a word for me, she gave me the answer: “NEVER be discouraged.” God bless you! Carmen

When I read this letter, I immediately thought of Elisabeth and how, when she was speaking somewhere and when she received a long applause during an interchange with the audience, she would raise her hand and point up to heaven and then say, “Thanks be to God” and to the listeners she always said, “I’m only a small fish in a very great pond.” In the same way, that’s just how I would respond to Carmen’s letter.

And, finally here’s another heartwarming results from Elisabeth’s teaching in these few lines from a letter I received:

To God be the glory for you and Mrs. Gren and for the things He has done and continues to do. This morning I finished reading “Through Gates of Splendor. My husband read it a few months ago. A tissue box sat at his side as he made his way through. This book changed me. The families’ obedience and faithfulness to God is compelling. I told my husband this morning that it was convicting me of sinful judgment I was unaware I had—asking, “Why would the Aucas be worth ‘this’ sacrifice?”—then, the penetrating kick to myself—“well, why would I be worth THAT—His—Jesus’ sacrifice?” It was gut wrenching. I wept—for the amazing recount I read in the book, for the grace of God and in repentance of my own neglect to share the gospel at any cost...

The last part of this same letter is so reminiscent of Elisabeth’s teaching on the importance of the home, discipline and obedience, and how to love your children:

We want to do great things for God. As my husband and I talked we understand that daily obedience is the “great thing” we must practice where we are now. Perhaps in the mundane, the ordinary, the training up of three precious souls we have been given stewardship over is what this looks like now. Thank you for the ministry you shared with Mrs. Gren and for allowing her legacy to be available to people today. It all points to Christ. Because of her ministry my life is changed. I love the Bible and read it. I sing (we sing) hymns she referenced, with our kids. I pray-a lot. We discipline our kids with the Lord’s help. They sit beside us through church every Sunday. We strive to serve others and have guests over to our home weekly and pray they will see the light of Christ in our home. I do laundry—wash, fold, put away. I make dinner (breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks too). We all memorize Scripture and are hiding it in our kids’ hearts. For all of this—in all these things, your wife’s ministry has played a role in. To God be the glory for the things He has done!!

And I say Amen to that! I hope you have been blessed by these letters as much as I have. Thanks, once again, for reading.

God bless y’all and that’s it from the Cove,


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