Ramblings from the Cove...

February 2010

By Lars Gren

There is a crisp stillness in the winter air that only seems to be part of life when the humidity is low and the temperature settles in at twenty five degrees or lower. A perfect day--well it is when one more gift can be added to such a day and that is the little matter of the sun.

It happens to be a Saturday and Elisabeth is having a, “Lie-in” which is not unusual on any day. For all the years that she was active in writing and speaking it was, one might say a disciplined life—alarm set at 4:50am—ten minutes to luxuriate—up at 5am—dressed—into study until breakfast at 8am—office work until noon lunch—afternoons to do whatever was necessary—bedtime 8-8:30pm—read until 9or so and lights out. Boring? Not really for on our many trips out the schedule was irregular at best and wild at worst or one could say over committed. So why not with the speaking and writing ended take advantage of mornings of slumbering and have early lunch rather than breakfast. At eighty three one should eat whatever is enjoyed and sleep as well without guilt—but now I’ve gone on an aside for it is the sun along with a pure white blanket of snow covering the ground that crowns this day.

As I sat, having a bit of breakfast and hot black coffee, near the wood stove that gives off such wonderful deep warming heat and at the same time sensing the stillness of the air and the quietness of the Cove with its lack of traffic noise I thought of a couple of lines that Elisabeth would quote from the Lady Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” And one could believe it although for now it is only partially true but it seemed that way as I looked out the window onto the gentle snow covered slope. Its only markings came from the paws of the neighbors cat, tracks of a rabbit and the trail I think of a deer—I have not disturbed the snow by tramping down for a closer look—and possibly the one I would rather not have crossing the slope for come springtime he enjoys trimming the hostas. Beyond that my eyes fastened on the shoreline where the slow moving gentle waves played out on the rocky shore and I thought, “Thus far but no farther,” the boundaries are set.

From there it was to view the sun, “dividing” the water for as it slides east to west the sun’s rays plays on the water creating brilliant white beams from the horizon to the shore causing me to think of putting on sun glasses. Along with the beams you see what could be sparkling diamonds or stars where the water on the crest of a wave seems to explode with a bright light clear and flashing. As the sun moved it also lightened the dark blue/gray waters to the west with the same brilliance as the eastern portion illustrating that light overtakes darkness and bringing to mind what John writes of the, “Light” which will overtake the darkness of the world and the darkness does not understand it. There was in the scene only one man—made object and that was some miles away at the horizon. Docked to the off--loading gas terminal, lay a tanker which perhaps could be 800-1000 feet long, but seen with the naked eye it does not appear longer than a good sized yacht in length and I thought how insignificant against the One who brought the elements into being, for us to enjoy and then to give us a mind to turn liquid into a gas and send it miles through a pipeline on the bed of the sea, for the use as in this case the people of the Boston area. And so this day began in beauty and one hopes that it endures so that “all is well” but then one thinks of the shifting subterranean plates resulting in the suffering of the people in Haiti, bringing in the unanswerable questions of, “Why or how come?” There is no adequate answer and the only other thought is, “Why not me?”

Johnny Cash comes to mind as he sang:

“Why me Lord? What have I ever done to deserve even one of the blessings I’ve known.
Why me Lord, what did I ever do that was worth love from you and the kindness You’ve shown?
Lord help me Jesus I’ve wasted it so, help me Jesus I know what I am.
Now that I know that I needed you so help me Jesus my soul’s in you hands.”

So life goes on here with all the needs abundantly met while in Haiti there is the suffering yet films from there often show groups of people at their church in ruins with arms uplifted and voices raised in praise to the God who is able to meet needs and slowly the needs of the living are being met.

And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,


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