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March 15, 2014

By Lars Gren

If there is ever majesty in slow motion, it is watching a pair of Sand Hill Cranes--as we did the other day--stepping off the concrete driveway perhaps with the aim to get very near the front door of the duplex where our friend Marian --a retired missionary--lives. But they became aware that Joy and I had stopped our walk to quietly observe their intentions. With what might have been a disdainful look and a bob of their head, they turned ninety degrees — walking towards the entrance of the other duplex. It was a diversionary tactic, for their purpose was to leave us mere mortals and get on with the affairs of the day. I surmise that their main occupation is observation and not the gathering of food, for I have yet to see one either 'peck'--is it?-- on anything on land or quickly snatch up some minnow or such from the small lake that is here on the property.

As they walk, it is a slow fluid motion of looking side to side and then 'pushing' the head forward, the neck somewhat stretched a foot or so toward the direction which the body is turning. All the while the long leg is slowly lifted and eased down again with the foot placed ever so lightly on the ground as though it was being placed on a cracked egg. In a few more steps, the two felt safe and so they returned to further inspect their surroundings.

Should you be wondering where the above is taking place--we have returned to Minneola, Florida perhaps until the end of the month--our schedule is quite flexible. Other than the Cranes, we visited Bok towers where we enjoyed the gardens as well as the "Singing Tower", hearing a Sunday evening jazz concert played on the bells or is it rung on the bells. It was "Rhapsody in Blue" and a couple of numbers from Porgy and Bess, a rather startling and mysterious way of hearing what should be jazz. I was sorry to see that the afternoon program had been mainly by Grieg and other Scandinavian composers. Ah, well can't win every day. If you do go there and are tempted to trek down the path to view, "Window on the Pond"--save your steps. Yes, it is a window set in a wood wall and yes, you can see through it to the small pond, perhaps seeing some small fish and yes one can buy a bit of 'fish treat' from a dispenser requiring but a quarter and then feed them to your heart's content. They'll be happy for it and may respond with a few wiggles which they seem to do whether you feed them of not.

What else is new? Not much, except that I have about caught up with end of year mail. One day we did drive over to the East coast, for 'my trio' wanted to dip their toes into the warmth of the Atlantic Ocean. This was accomplished, even though they did not have bathing suits but rather skirts on, which put Joy at a disadvantage, being short of stature (Joy, who was with us in May of '12 when I rolled the auto in Virginia on our way to Texas).

Christi was the champ of jumping but should be penalized for being near six feet tall. The high point for Kea was seeing what looked like a log on the edge of a ditch suddenly move, 'turning itself' into a sure enough fair-sized alligator. He decided to leave the bank and submerge and we decided to leave, lest we should see him coming up where we were standing. I'm not certain what the rest of this month will hold for us until we begin our journey back North. I may do another little update, much to the horrors of some readers who, when they receive the envelope with Strawberry Cove in the top left-hand corner, exclaim, "Oh no, not another one about birds, flowers or blue skies!"

God bless y’all and that’s it from The Cove.

Lars & Elisabeth

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