Ramblings from the Cove...

March 2009

By Lars Gren

Ah, springtime in New England when the temperature hit 58 on a lovely Sunday afternoon and one wakes up Monday morning to look at a redwood banister which now appears white. That’s the way the 9th of March arrived. What followed were the largest snowflakes of the winter adding 3-4 inches of snow to the winter’s total. Then rather than ending the snow went to sleet followed by rain. Of course one can’t expect anything but surprises in March and April. I might add that the global warming bit seems to have skipped us for it has been a long, very cold winter with more snow this year than the last 3 years put together by my estimate.

To give us a sense of what the snowbirds on the sun coast of Florida have, we flew right passed them traveling on to Trujillo, Peru. The city is an hour’s flight north of Lima and on the coast. Towards the East one sees the foothills of the Andes and a few blocks from the Elliot home is the rolling breakers of the Pacific. The fresh sea breeze comes in gently making the sunny 75 degree days very comfortable. Adding to that pleasure is the reality of home cooking by the skill of another, for my chef’s hat is left at the Cove, for I only step in hatless to do the morning eggs should that be the breakfast menu. The number one meal that I eagerly await is “carne de cabrito” or goat and it is sweet and tender. Wonder why it has never caught on here?

As to our time with Bert and Colleen, who I have mentioned before, and have now been married and on the field as missionaries for 60 years, it is not hectic. We are there to enjoy each others company and to that end the days are not filled with frantic tours of sightseeing or shopping but song time in the morning with Colleen making use of every key, save one, on the piano, reading books aloud for all who are there, then in the evenings entertained with old films from the days that one need not squirm over what was said or could be seen. For most I suppose it would be a “dullsville” but we sure enjoy it. For Bert and Colleen this is also their break time before school begins along with Bible studies, counseling and other duties but even during this time there are many who find there way to their door which is ever open for ministry work. There are always those who have the problems of today whether it be marriage—together or split—addictions of one sort or another—sudden deaths—economic need—well on and on and all are given time. And phone calls? Lost count. Oh, what did we read? The Testament by John Grisham and This Cup by Addison Leitch—Elisabeth’s #2 husband. It is a study of the last seven words of Christ. If you can find that book it is well worth reading.

We returned to the reality of winter as we were greeted the next day with 11 inches or so of snow and a box of mail to enjoy. All of that should be taken care of between the normal chores of the household prior to the 21st when we have the pleasure of again being in Dallas with a group of home schooled young ladies who are in an eight week program run by the Bill Gothard ministry called EXCEL. I call it preparation for life, marriage and homemaking. This is our 30th time or so to be there. Elisabeth used to speak to them but now we use some of the videos of hers from the past. We do enjoy their enthusiasm and receive so much for so little. And that’s a bit of our “doings.”

Now for an ending to mull over on whether there is sense and sensibility in the political nerve center or not when it comes to “dishing” out dollars in the amount that is beyond anyone’s imagination? Well the U.S. Mayors came up with a wish list. “Currently voted most critical: $4.3 million for a nursing home in Tennessee. Least critical: nearly $100,000 for doorbells in Laurel, Miss.” Now I can see where the nursing home will stimulate some jobs but doorbells? Let’s see how many do you have to hire to go door to door affixing doorbells? New job—Engineer Consulting and Installer of exterior to interior sound systems—should be worth 75K or so. Lastly for those of you who have Tattoos there are earmarks of some quite a few million dollars to have them removed. That’s great—think I’ll go out and get one and then if I don’t care for it you may pay to have it removed. And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,


Ps., Join us on April 1 and send a tea bag to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C. 20500. Perhaps they will get a message. (You may have heard of this or you will—tea protest as in Boston Tea Party against the increased involvement in business by the government and our country heading toward socialism. After all the liberals are sure vocal and this is silent but will be understood. I’ll dry out a used bag and send that.)

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