Ramblings from the Cove...

March 2006

By Lars Gren

In mid February we at last received what one would call a nor’easter with wild winds, horizontally driven snow that at times was caught in an updraft before plastering the windows in lovely patterns. The marvel of seeing the snowflakes on the window made me think of God creating them and no two flakes being alike. I mentioned that fact to several folks but it did not seem to impress them beyond saying, “Oh, yes.”

It sounds as though we might have had 30 inches or so but the amount on Cape Ann was only a foot. The nice part of it was that it was not water ladened but the dry easy to shovel stuff. Not even the deeper drifts were difficult to pitch. The extremely high tide and wild wind added to the beauty of our walk for the next few days around Shore Road, as we watched the rolling surf break on the rocky coastline.

Until that storm our winter had been very mild but since then we have tasted the cold. Not much below 20 degrees but when you add the wind and the man on the radio says minus 13 wind-chill. Then as you have a walk it does make one wonder, “Why was it that we said no to visiting Hawaii?” I should have waited until March came before mentioning winter. March was as mean as a snake coming out of its hole after the winter hiatus. Coldest month of the year I think plus snow. Now that we’re into April the cold continues and snow greeted us on the 5th as we returned from Dallas.

But the days are getting longer. The robins have returned well at least a few of them. Daffodils are a week or so from being in bloom, if it warms some. Ah, for a few days in Atlanta to see the dogwood in bloom or the rhododendron and mountain laurel. Even better Augusta and find a ticket to walk a round at the Masters. Now that is dreaming. Back to reality and see what is in the next envelope. That’s it from The Haven in Magnolia, a quiet little place where most are friendly except for a three or four old soreheads and the biggest event of the week is Wednesday tea at the library from 2 to 4.

God bless y'all, Lars

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