Ramblings from the Cove...

March 2011

By Lars Gren

In a few of my earlier notes I mentioned that the groundhog did not see his shadow as he emerged from his winter’s abode and true to that fable, March arrived as lamb. Now, on the 31st, will he depart in like manner? There are no hints to this since night temperatures have been in the mid to lower twenties.

Cape Ann—the unknown Cape -- sets its own pattern. But at The Cove there some hints of the coming season with the small round knob of the sedum “stalks” visible along the driveway. Some years ago I quickly trenched a pattern in the section of lawn by the garage--of course, unless you happened to have visited us, that does not tell you much--and quickly placed at least 700 miniature crocus bulb in the trenches. Perhaps I was trying to have a sort of mosaic patterned that one might see on a wall or a street in an ancient village in Sicily or on one of the Greek islands. I had visions of a guest arriving and inquiring on who might be my landscaper. This was some ten years or so ago and each spring I would wait, with baited breath, to see a vibrant display of blooms lined up as soldiers in a sort of curved line formation. Each year I waited to see a few here and there but certainly not anything outstanding. Disappointing? Yes, but I did not give up hope and this year I have my reward: one lovely curved line all of about six feet long of light bluish sweet blooms.

Am I a master gardener—hardly. But last fall I had some extra daffodil bulbs and took my shove l poking an opening in the ground and plunked in the bulbs----yes in sort of a curved line. No fuss—no muss and guess what? With the southern exposure, the leaves are already four inches or so and Danielle and I have decided that my accidental pattern has the shape of a gull’s wing in flight. Rather fitting, but we wonder if the gulls that at times fly overhead will notice and come down for a visit? Now we hope that there will be blooms to see unless the woodchuck will awaken early and have them for its first spring meal.

At this—if you are still with us—we wish you a joyous Easter, beautiful spring, delightful summer, an enchanting fall and a not-so-“brrrrrrrr” cold winter.

PS. It was the "Lion" that roared as it departed on the 31st of March and left us a gift for the 1st of April of two to four inches of water-laden snow, depending on the locality. The joys of New England!

And that’s it from The Cove.

God bless y'all,


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