Ramblings from the Cove...

April 2005

By Lars Gren

Some of you may be wondering what and how we are doing now that the traveling to conferences is in the "I remember it well" category of life. Now, we don't remember them all as if it were "yesteryear," but there are many wonderful memories.

As to How?

I have to say that we shuffle along pretty well. When we are at home, we try to have our walk around the shore of Magnolia, and those of you who have walked with us know how pleasant it is. In the winter one can roll a bowling ball down the three block main street, as it could be called, without fear of hitting anything. Summer is a bit different, but never a traffic jam. Magnolia is a forgotten part of the town of Gloucester. We both feel well, but I have to say that I have seen more of the doctors office and eaten more prescribed pills in the last three years then in all the other years put together. While Elisabeth has had less of the pills and office visits than I, she has her time in trying to get a hold of that elusive word or quote that was always at the fingertips. It was for such reasons that we decided to end the speaking schedule at the end of last year. Part way into the year, our good friend Steve Price MD, said that it would be best to lessen the pressure with a lighter schedule. This, along with some of the family being less than pleased at our busyness, we begged off from three or four engagements. Never having done such before, we were loathe to do so in the last year but bowed to the others' opinion.

As to What?

Well there is mail to take care of, and the phone still rings. I tend the yard a bit more, which for some reason seems best at producing weeds, and never quite looks like the front cover of a True-Lawn mailing. We have been able to use some air miles to visit family and friends that we have missed seeing. In October we will travel to the annual Frankfurt Book Fair. Seems rather sedentary or dull perhaps, but not so. Different yes, but each day there is enough to do on our "plates" to say, 'where does the day go?' To give a little more insight we'll include a recent form letter we sent out...

Now that the end of April is approaching, I say where are the days of "time on my hands?" New Years seems a very recent event with January so cold that it numbed the senses. Well, for me it felt that way compared to the pleasant part of February spent with Bert and Colleen Elliot in Peru, where days begin and end with sunshine in the warm desert region of Trujillo. To add to the enjoyment of being away from wintry Boston, it is a short walk to watch the rolling waves break on the beach. We returned to see that we had missed two snow storms. Then left again for Texas enabling us to miss another small storm. Well timed trips. Now we have had a few spring-like days with some heavy rain, and all but two snow piles in the drive have gone the way of all snow--well, except in the Artic or some such place.

One who did not go away while we did was the postman. He dutifully stopped each day at our box so we have had a few items to care for and keep us away from boredom. Plus I still have a few leftover things from the holidays--Easter, you say?--no, try Christmas. Well, it's nice to enjoy some things thru the year.

Back a bit to the work of Bert and Colleen, which will ever cause me not to say "that I have too much to do." They are available for any who call or that ring the doorbell whether expected or unexpected. Along with open doors there are the Bible Studies, their involvement in the Christian School which is a part of the church that was started years ago. Plus an exceptional drug program leading addicts into a new life based on Scripture. Not all make it, but many respond to the Gospel.

I think of our days, now slower then they were a year ago, and then see what Bert and Colleen contend with. All this after 56 years on the field with no thought of the rocking chair or hanging out a shingle saying, "busy, please call again". What a life of service.

They have lived in the high mountains, as well as on the jungle rivers and now at the seaside, speaking to individuals, holding meetings in the town squares leading perhaps to new churches. We are so grateful to have been there for a visit. On our last day, Bert said that if he had been given paper and pencil and told to draw out the perfect wish and plan for his life, it would not have been half as good as what the Lord opened for them. He quoted from Psalm 16, "the lines have fallen for me in pleasant places." My response was that hearing of your work some might think of Psalm 55:6, "Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest." We had a good laugh.

Since that trip we have been to Nashville and Phoenix, where I was making a couple of calls for a friend of mine who at 94 is not up to traveling. Now home to answer mail, cut the weeds and thank you kind friends for your notes and prayers.

God bless y'all,

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