Ramblings from the Cove...

May 2006

By Lars Gren

“Ah didn’t it rain my children, didn’t it rain.” That could be the start of a song, perhaps it is but if not it could be or at least it should have been the ditty for the ides of May. In the winter of ’77 or ’78—1900 that is—the snow fell to the tune of—well we don’t remember—but we know that folks were snowbound for three days. Everything seemed to come to a halt and where were we? In Atlanta GA, living there and only hearing about the trials of the NE. So the rains came and where were we? Columbus GA a lovely city where we spent a few cool dry days enjoying the rhododendrons, Stella Dora—or however you spell it—lilies and munching on a few nasturtiums. Yes, I do munch on them and they are good too, a bit like a radish. During that time twelve or so inches fell on Magnolia. No damage here but many were looking for sump pumps.

Two great memorable weather events and we missed both. Now we were here for the “no-name” storm when three weather systems came together and formed a hurricane. Some of you may have seen the movie of that blow. It had enough force so that when the breakers hit the rocks in front of a three story house near us the water crashed through the third story windows. It also pushed the slate pool table—no light item—through the wall on the first floor and set it nicely out on the front lawn. No, it was not ready racked for a game. That was also the day that in their zest for seeing things up close that Elisabeth and her brother Tom came ever so close—unbeknownst to them—to duplicate Jonah’s feat of experiencing the deep without being tossed in with the aid of human hands. After things quieted down I went down to the waters edge in front of the ledge where they had been standing. The ledge had been undercut by the breakers. They were standing on a shelf ready to drop into the deep. At least they only got damp feet. That reminds me of a story from their family. As an eight year old their father was traveling with his father on a liner to Europe when a man for some odd reason asked the little fellow what would he do if his father died on the journey. With no hesitation the answer came, “Well, boys tip him over.” Guess he knew something of the ways of the sea. Had the shelf dropped what would I have said? I’ll leave that alone and just be thankful that He who formed the shelf was there.

Why were we in Columbus? Took a side trip from Clemson SC where Jim, #2 grandson, having completed his ROTC training was sworn in as a 2nd Lt in the Air Force. Now he heads for pilot training with the hopes of a fine career ahead of him. It was a wonderful day with military precision, order and protocol. But I’ll leave that to another time and that's it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,


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