Ramblings from the Cove...

June 24, 2012

By Lars Gren

It is hard to believe that the neck collar has been in place around the clock for over a month now. Should you wonder what that is for, it is to hold the head from slipping into areas where it may harm the position of the screw that the good doctor put into place. That is a non-technical explanation. All I know is that, on May 17th or so, the operation took place in Richmond, VA. Yesterday in MA. The follow-up doctor said, “Looks as though they did a bang up job!” I saw the scan and had no problem seeing the shiny screw perched on a 45 degree or so holding things together. He also thought that one more month rather than two would be enough for the collar. That’ll be nice for after awhile one feels the urge to “scratch the itch.”

Now for any who might have an interest in sending a note to Elisabeth and live in west Alabama or east Mississippi, you may contact Maureen Sellers (Mrs. David Sellers) 9648 Gipson Rd. Collinsville, MS. 39325. It is always nice to have someone go by and cheer Elisabeth’s day but as most know she is not what one would say conversant but pleasant as a rule especially after her morning naps. Now if you play the piano, tuba, or sing, that is extra special for all. Drums? Well, I’m not certain of that. I was so grateful for Maureen finding this “resting spot” as at this time I am unable to care for her being a bit helpless and not able to drive either. When travel is permissible then I’ll have a visit with the ultimate hope for both of us to return to The Cove. If not, then I may have to take up residence there and so be returning quite near to where my family lived in ’48.

We do thank all for your prayers and well wishes. The other day, I heard that Steve Saint had an accident resulting in serious spinal injury. Please remember Steve and his family in your prayers.

A scripture which Elisabeth often spoke about when she dealt with suffering has been much in my mind. “When all kinds of trials and temptation crowd into your lives, my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends! Realize that they have come to test your faith and to produce in you the quality of endurance. But let the process go on until that endurance is fully developed, and you will find you have become men of mature character with the right sort of independence.” James 1:2ff. Strange how often I heard her speak on that vein but how little was absorbed. May this experience deepen that truth and may it be more clearly followed for it is easier said and heard than to know and do.

And that is a short update from The Cove.

God bless y'all,


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