Ramblings from the Cove...

June 2011

By Lars Gren

We recently heard from two of the seven people who have owned up to reading Rambling’s From The Cove that there was a little bit too much written on the flight of birds, rolling swells of water—along with descriptions of flowers coming into bloom as with the candytufts and iris—and very little about the family happenings. So for those of you who are interested in the next generation, the big news is on weddings. What is better than having a June wedding for a granddaughter? Why, follow it with another granddaughter having a September wedding.

Evangeline married a young fellow from the Alabama area. The wedding was held at a pristine ranch which is used for a ministry to troubled girls who come to live there in Southern style brick homes with 8-10 girls to each one along with house parents. The girls stay there until they graduate high school, and then they leave for further training or employment. It is Christian at its core, and it is Evangeline’s father-in-law who is the director of the ministry. There was a Southern-style BBQ after the rehearsal on Friday evening, followed by the wedding on a grassy knoll Saturday afternoon. After the ceremony there was a bit of entertainment by the other Shepard youngsters, telling a few stories and then a very nice buffet dinner which included chicken marsala (which is not surprising since chicken is the second most favorite meat in the south—at least I gage that by Wednesday night suppers at the church when I lived in Atlanta). After a honeymoon to an unknown location (although I heard by the grapevine that it was Cancun.) The newlyweds will settle in the Boston area as her husband Colby is employed by Gordon College. Evangeline graduated from there in May.

Between those two granddaughter’s weddings, we’ve had the joy of seeing Kendalyn married in Houston, Texas. (Some of you have probably met Kendalyn, and other may have read about her since she was the first one to come and help with Elisabeth after the fracture of Elisabeth’s femur in ’09.) She married a young fellow who works with Bill Gothard. After attending it I said that they were “Very well wedded…” since the ceremony took almost two hours to complete. The bride, as in all weddings, looked lovely. The groom? Well, I don’t pay much attention to the men. That seems to have been Elisabeth’s forte.

Our next trip will be in August—again to Dallas—to attend another wedding there for Lauren Bell. She for many years was in charge of the EXCEL program under her parents, dear friends of ours Mike and Elaine Bell. That, as some of you know, was a program for young ladies 16-21 yrs. of age. I sort-of called it a “How to become a wife and homemaker school of learning.”

The last such celebration for this year (as far as I know,) is for granddaughter Christiana who lives in California. It was there that God brought into her life a very nice Virginia man. If all goes according to plan, they will be married on 9/11, which certainly should make the day unforgettable in both of their minds, but especially for David her husband to remember the anniversary and remind him that she does enjoy “A little happy” (which is a nice saying for a “gift” that I learned from my Alabama sister-in-law, Lovelace. It was their family’s expression whenever someone brought a little thing to them). Christiana’s wedding will be held in the Virginia church where David attended as a young man. It dates back to the 1800’s and will hold maximum of about 75 people.

If the Shepard youngsters had gotten married at a younger age and been as prolific at having children as Valerie, by the time the last family wedding occurs they might have been able to occupy more than half of the church! …But that has not been the case.

That’s it for some personal news, except for the two of us. If I were to add more, this entry would be too long and it may have already exceeded the length to hold one’s interest. Other personal news as to our aches, pains, and ailments I shall try to add at a later date.

Before I leave, though, I should say that the youngest attendee to Evangeline’s wedding was the third great-grandchild of Elisabeth’s, little Jimmy who traveled in with his mother Elisabeth from the U.K. He of course was as cute as any little bitty baby can be. He also attended the ceremony and was held by his uncle Jim, who is rather a wag when it comes to babies. It may have been better had he been sitting on the last row rather than the front row with the little tot, since he spent a good bit of the ceremony time swinging the youngster and a few times had him by his ankles, holding him upside-down (much to little Jimmy’s delight!). He’s too young to talk but he let his joy be heard by a resounding rumble!

And that’s it from The Cove.

God bless y'all,


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