Ramblings from the Cove...

August 1, 2012

By Lars Gren

It wasn't that a 2 hour wait for an hour and a half flight was anything difficult. After all I happened to be on U.S.Air and they had a club at the Washington Reagan airport. Years ago twenty or so we bought a lifetime membership and so I was welcomed into comfort from that foresight. Not only that but I was nearer to the goal of seeing and spending some days with Elisabeth who I had not seen since the week of May sixteen the day of the sudden end to our well planned auto trip to see friends on our way to Texas. As I sat there wondering how the meeting would be with an arrival of nearly 11 PM in Newton at the Woodland Court where Elisabeth has been since 25 May. Would she be asleep? No doubt, yes. Should I wake her? Probably not. Best just to slip into the other bed and greet her in the morning.

The Sellers met me at the arrivals area Maureen who has visited Elisabeth three or four times a week since her stay there and when doing so she calls me and we try to have a conversation. Elisabeth during those times have been quite talkative and a few times when I have said hello and had a few words I hear Maureen saying, "Oh, oh she is kissing the telephone." We get a laugh out of it and I'm happy that she has not forgotten me. At least I think not.

Maureen led the way to the room and as we walked in Elisabeth was lying, as is her custom, on her left side asleep and mumbling a few sounds. I went to the side of the bed and lightly put my hand on her. Something must have alerted her and she opened her eyes wide and began to say something while also reaching out her hand patting my arm and stroked my face as I bent down. Maureen said that it was a sweet moment of recognition and that her smile, so different, said it all. She only wished that she could have had her camera ready. For the next fifteen minutes or so Elisabeth chuckled and welcomed us there. That was yesterday and today has been a day of seeing that Elisabeth is doing well even without me. The other people love her and the workers all say that she is easy to deal with. I suppose that I could tell them a few of my experiences of life at home when "easy" might not have been the word to spring from my lips but it is nice to hear. I have to say that she is friendly to all that are there or pass her way.

Plans for the fall are not settled, since a few of the possible live--in--helpers had other commitments or the timing was not workable. In the past three years we have been blessed by a number of young ladies who were well trained with a CNA back ground one of who stayed for the best part of a year. Now we just need to see where the Lord leads and what to do in caring for Elisabeth. As of now our plan is to leave Mississippi on the 7th, and arrive back to the Cove sometime near the 12th.

We want to say thank you to everyone who sent their cards, well-wishes, and prayers to us through the Sellers. We appreciate it very much.

And that is a short update from The Cove.

God bless y'all,


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