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August 15, 2012

By Lars Gren

By mid July, I had come along so well that with the help of a young lady living in our home, the two of us could again manage the care of Elisabeth. So, on the 25th of July I headed down to Newton MS with the thought of bringing Elisabeth back to Magnolia. Elisabeth had been there nearly three months and did real well during that time. The staff seemed to enjoy her because she was easy to care for and they had some knowledge of her connection to Jim Elliot. The residents were friendly and everyone greeted each other as they walked past to get to their accustomed place or just gave a wave as they headed for a meal. During my days there, Jimmy Nell the owner told me that it was OK for me to go on but she wanted to keep Elisabeth. “She was wanted” and that’s a good reason for her doing so well.

In an earlier note, I had given a contact for those nearby in MS or AL which brought her many well wishes and prayers. While I was there, several families made the trek from Alabama and Mississippi to visit her. It was the high point of her days there especially when they brought a few ‘tots’ along. She warms up quickly to the young as most old folks do. We were also able to see a few whom we had met some thirty years ago while the Shepards were living and pastoring in Laurel MS. As with everything in life there comes a time of parting, and so on Tuesday the seventh of August we said our good-byes to the folks at Woodland Court. Elisabeth had been there nearly three months. Should you wonder whether we were driving home, the answer is no...it was USAir doing the ‘driving’. Doing so made me question how airlines set their ticket prices, for Danielle’s mother, who is kind enough to do our tickets via the internet, found that we could stop in Ohio for a few days and then book a flight home for less money than a one way Jackson, MS, to Boston flight. Oh well, who are we to argue? Less fare and the enjoyment that Elisabeth would have of seeing Dani.

Our flight had been delayed with our arrival not until 11pm. We were in the baggage area where I had Elisabeth in a wheelchair when she saw Dani coming through the door and immediately there was recognition. She extended her arm and with a smile greeted her, stroked her arm, and said a few words which I’ll not try to interpret but it was a reunion of two happy ladies. Had Elisabeth forgotten our companion who was with us for a year? Not at all. So began the unexpected pleasure of having four days together before moving on to settle down at The Cove.

On Tuesday the 13th. I got behind the wheel of the Honda for my first drive since that fateful May day. It did go well but it felt a bit strange and I noticed that I’ll have to re-train my head to swivel a bit more for a better line of sight when coming to an intersection. However, all else soon became common. That evening I received a note from Joy. She had earlier told me that the day after the accident she had gone to see the car and taken some photos but thought it best not to send them to me for awhile. The correct choice for sure. So at 8:05pm, Monday, the thirteenth of August 2012, I saw for the first time the photographs that Joy snapped of the remains of our one-car accident some 50 miles from Raleigh NC. Immediately the verse that was in the ‘call to worship’ at the first church service I attended came again into my thoughts-- “For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths of the grave. Psalm 86:13.” Thank you Lord. I wondered again, “How was it that the 18 wheeler and the pickup truck traveling ‘in company with us’ were both able to avoid getting involved? They had called 911 even before we had come to a dead halt. Again God’s mercy in this and in all that we all do.

And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,


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