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August 2009 -- Another Update on Elisabeth

By Lars Gren

Well friends, last Friday, 13th August, I was “crowing” of how well Elisabeth was walking. She did not need a walker and barely made use of a cane as generally I had a hand on her. We were thankful for no pain and good word on bone growth at the break in the femur. “Pride comes before the fall” was nowhere to be found in my thoughts.

Saturday was to be a rather busy day with a young lady from New Jersey, visiting in the morning and then a couple with seven children from Ohio who had been at a conference coming by for a “Po-boy” lunch. For non-southerners that is the “yard” long Italian bread with a good amount of meat, cheese and whatever else one enjoys along with a Dr. Pepper but in our case, it is as a rule, water or something hot.

We were up early on Saturday and all was well until Elisabeth re-entered the bedroom and somehow walking across the carpet managed to stub her toe in such a way to throw her off balance. Her right foot went behind her and she ended up or I should say “down” as though she was sitting on the back of the legs. It did not take long for the right foot to swell and turn colors.

So the day unfolded with—the young lady arrived and rather than breakfast she helped me get Elisabeth into the car and joined us for the ride to the hospital—I had figured out that the way Elisabeth could move her legs the femur seemed in good shape and there was no pain there—to the emergency again—then wait—then the results of x-rays—three possibly four of the small bones on the arch of foot broken. I had finished my wailing when it happened so I was ready for the news, “We will admit her with temporary cast and once the swelling is down a “boot” will be put on.” I did not bother to ask what a boot was but hope that they choose a good color.

Saturday’s lunch changed into a visit in the hospital room with a mini concert by our friends who when at home do sing for folks in various nursing homes. So here we are, as some say, “At square one.” What’s next? Don’t know, one day at a time. But no doubt it will be learning to walk again. The best news was that there was no injury to the fractured femur. For now I make my food runs for Elisabeth since the hospital cuisine is not to her liking and think of the days when all was well. Thank you for your prayers and that’s the latest chapter of, “The Perlis of Pauline” (how many have heard of that title?) and from the Cove.

And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,


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