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August 26, 2014

By Lars Gren

Excerpt from Julia’s letter

No doubt you have been there—row 20, seat B on a flight to?????? Well, it matters not, for the occupant in 20A is reading what appears to be a fascinating book but without putting your glasses on you only get a few words. To add to frustration of not knowing ‘20C’ has a movie on that for some time you have wanted to see, and how can you get her attention to ask if she would mind turning the lap top screen a bit more to the left so the glare of sunlight through the window will not interfere with your looking on? To top it off, you notice a half a headline on the front page of the newspaper that the gentleman in 19A is reading, and he just turned the page, leaving you with a keenness to find out the rest of the story. Surely there are a few of you who are likeminded with me, wanting to have a peek into the interest that others have or into their very lives be it via photos, letters or books being read.

So, as you might guess, Elisabeth still receives a lot of mail. Since she cannot answer directly, it is left to me to respond. Her rule was always to respond to any letter that arrived in our mail box. In some cases there were several letters back and forth from people who were seeking counseling for a variety of matters. It has been a help for me in answering letters of today to have a collection of these so I have tried to continue by drawing from her past letters. She also said that “there are no new questions” and so after receiving many like ones she would write a general view on the topic and then of course would add personal notes and counsel prior to signing off. Fortunately, prior to her inability to write she had labeled a file, “canned letters”, and into that went a variety of topics that I draw from.

Now why am I going on about this? As I handle the mail and come across certain ones I think could be of help to others in similar situations. Here is your opportunity in a way to look over the shoulder as one lays the heart open. After permission is given to use these in as the one that you may now read the writer says, “I am hoping my experience will serve as a help to those who, like me, had wondered what to do.”

Dear Mrs. Elliot-Gren,

I wrote to you over two years ago about your thoughts concerning a courtship I was in. I truly appreciated the reply sent to me. In September of 2012 we were married, blessed by both sets of parents and blessed by God.

I had been concerned about marrying someone who had not been morally pure. I am very humbled and grateful to God for helping me see the pride I had, and that I did make the choice to accept that. I see the rich beauty in offering love and forgiveness. He is so loving, very grateful and just the husband God knew I needed. I have understood God’s plan in redeeming not only our souls but also making our lives new. I believe his experience of God’s forgiveness has enriched his life and by God’s grace has produced a man of integrity and character.

I am blessed to have married a man who so very much portrays Christ to me. And I believe, because he has been forgiven much, he loves much.

To the homeschooled girls like me that have a young man with scars- I pray they take a good look at Calvary and see that like Christ, we can forgive and offer our all. I know each situation is different and no one person is the same, but praise God, this story has a happy beginning and I believe a great ending too.

Thankful I did not let fear keep me from such love.

Now that you’ve, in a sense, peered over someone’s shoulder to read a letter written to Elisabeth, I hope that the writer’s story will help you if you’re in a similar circumstance.

God bless y’all and that’s it from The Cove.

Lars & Elisabeth

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