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August 2017 #2

By Lars Gren

God works in various ways as it says , “His wonders to perform…“ As you’ll find in this update from Betsy Frazier at Widow’s Mite, a daily and expected wave that didn’t happen one day, led a couple to stop and investigate. They could have simply continued on and thought “Perhaps, Betsy is sleeping in this morning.” But, they didn’t and I and many others are grateful for that.

I think this challenges us all to be aware for the Lord’s prompting even in the smallest things.

Betsy would certainly appreciate your prayers and, until she recovers, to hold any mission goods that you may have thought to send her until you hear that she has returned home.

God bless y’all and that’s it from the Cove,


An Urgent Update!
The Widows Mite Mission
Betsy Frazier
RR3 Box 432
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Dear Friends,

Greetings of Love in Jesus name!

Much has happened since we sent out the Summer letter. I want to notify you NOT to send packages until I am recovered from my accident that happened July 21, 2017.

This is a Bull of a story that is for some hard to believe. We live in an area that has free range cattle grazing for Babbitt’s Cattle Ranch. We must fence the private property. Two bulls broke through the fence to get in. The neighbors had 9 dogs come and chase the bulls. They jumped the fence into my yard and I saw this big black round face come at me. There was no time to step aside. I was out but I don’t know for how long. I couldn’t see and I felt my eyelids and my good eye was sticking out more than usual and I pushed it back in, and then I could see. All I could think was I had to get away from the cow. I managed to get up and staggered behind the house.

A native American couple came back to check on me because I usually wave at them when they drive out of the gate, and now they didn’t see me, so they came back to check on me. I was a bloodied dazed mess. They called 911 and tried to stop the blood flow. They saved my life. I was taken to the emergency room and put in ICU. I have two fractures in my skull and cheekbone and a cracked orbital bone around my good eye. A hoof took a chunk out of my leg so I have a leg wound down to the bone. My leg actually hurt worse than my head. I couldn’t sleep in spite of the pain killers so I just prayed all night for Jesus healing touch. By morning my pain was gone. The Doctors were surprised I didn’t even have a headache. I should take about 6 weeks to heal and make sure not to bump my head which has staples in it.

I am so thankful it was me and not some of the people coming here to the mission. It sounds terrible but it could have been so much worse if the bull had stepped on my stomach, chest or head. Satan meant this for evil but God can turn it into good. Genesis 50:20. I thank God for our prayer of protection in Psalms 91.

This has brought our family closer together. They all want me to stay at their homes. My two great grand kids 7 and 5 each offered me their beds. I will get to visit and stay with all of them. They want to love and spoil me. They know I love the Mission and the people so they have told me when the time comes after my recovery they will help me open the mission at least a couple days a week. I will let you know more in the fall letter.

Every day I put God in charge of my path and I must trust and let him lead me and guide me in my life’s journey. Please keep me in your prayers.


Betsy and Family

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