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September 3, 2013

By Lars Gren

We recently returned from Wales visiting our family doctor Steve Price and his wife Stella who after practicing in the States for some thirty years have returned to their Welsh countryside hamlet of Llanover you have to have a limber tongue to pronounce that name or the neighboring town where one goes to shop—Abergavenny. There was also a side trip to Edinburgh where granddaughter Elisabeth met us. She lives in England with her husband Mat a Brit. She also brought two of her four, Valerie the oldest and Jennifer the baby (so far.) It is confusing to keep it in mind for my Elisabeth, gave birth to Valerie who in turn begat Elisabeth who now has brought into being Valerie. It sounds as though it is some titled family. Guess future generation will have to continue alternating the “E and V” that has been set in motion.

In May I mentioned that when a person sent Elisabeth a letter she received a response. At times it was just a postcard but the person would have an acknowledgement. Since Elisabeth is not able to answer mail I have tried to keep that up but I know that I have failed. Most of the time I am at fault for my system is to pile rather than file. At times it is unavoidable as it was when Holly Rott or Roth sent a poignant note to Elisabeth asking if she would, “Speak godly wisdom and love to me?” but no address on card or envelope and even the post office stamp did not reveal the State it came from. I have kept it ever since Sept. 2011 in hopes that I would hear again but nothing so far. In answering such I try to send one of Elisabeth’s form letters or some quotes that she often used so that in a sense it is her thoughts and not my odd thoughts or skewed humor. In this case I would have added a hymn by Margaret Clarkson, a friend of Elisabeth’s from year ago. I’ll add it at the end for its message is for all of us. Then I have the “Forwarding order expired” from the post office returning a book that Danielle Panabaker of Ca should have received and there are a few others on either letters or orders and once in a while the postal system have ripped things open and then they put it in a nice envelope saying sorry this was damaged in transit or some such. Another woman had written several pages both sides and I was at a loss at what to say. I took it over one evening to get input from my sister-in-law who is a wise counselor. In leaving, the letter was left behind and her husband and avid “thrower-outer” I think tossed it and I’ve been sorry ever since for it was high on the list of wanting to offer a word of encouragement to a difficult situation. There was also a military wife and husband in Stavanger, Norway that I sent something to. The Army postal returned it to me with not here transferd San Diego and I’ve not been able to track them down. So please if you have written with a request and not heard from me just jog me a bit with, “Will you get to mine this year or next?” That goes for letters or materials.

However much of the mail is easier to deal with and others are classics for humor and personal information as was the case of Holly’s from my old State of Georgia. She had heard a CD that Family Life had of an interview that they aired of Elisabeth and me. In it she learned that the wedding ring that I wore had been worn by Elisabeth’s #2 and also that I still wore his bathrobe. This led her into telling me of the saga of her husband being named Buffalo. “The second time that I met Buffalo, I could not remember exactly what his name was. I know it was the name of a big, hairy animal, so I called him ‘Moose.’ He married me anyway, praise the Lord! I’ll tell you I’m not the only one who has forgotten his name. He has been called Tumbleweed, Billy Goat and Kangaroo but our favorite came from a little boy who after learning what Buffalo’s name was ran to his mother and said, “Mama, you’ll never guess what his name is! It’s Possum!” Funny but years back I at times called Elisabeth, “Possum” or I’d say “You’re my Possum.”

Two recent letters wondered ‘if we had difficulties or were not well’ since nothing new had been added to my odd bit of Ramblings. We are well thank you considering all things and “yes” I’ll do an update on the Shepard family but not in this post. What a strange time we live in with posts being posted with few knowing who reads the posts and at this point I feel as though I’m a bit pessimistic and so will try to cheer myself and aim at a bit of humor for those that appreciate such non-important side-lights. I call it my, “How is that again?” The source of such is often World magazine. Here are a couple of examples that may not have been fully thought out by the perpetrators.

  1. An amateur robber (my guess) went into a convenience store and asked if he could have change for a twenty dollar bill? The clerk obliged and when he opened the till the would be robber grabbed what was there and ran out leaving the twenty on the counter. Wonder what he said to himself since the total take came to 15 dollars and change? Perhaps he should have changed his attire a bit, put a hat on his head re-entered store and asked the clerk if he might have left a twenty on the counter by mistake? Yes, one might wonder where the “department of clear thinking has gone” and high on my list of such thinkers are politicians who must fancy themselves a cut above with their musings, suggestions and proposals for the good of the common man who is living now in what we know are not the easiest of times. This is a recent gem for its timing.
  2. “Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md., and Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas, propose in the "Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act" that a national historical park on the moon be created to ensure the American landing sites are preserved for future generations.” Can’t you just hear the melodious tone from the Rep as with great feeling he presents the necessity for the “L.L.L.A.? “The lawmakers say the legislation is necessary to protect the Apollo landing sites for "posterity," as commercial space exploration increases and more foreign nations head to space. The Hill reports the bill would allow the federal government to accept donations to help preserve the landing sites and would create visitor services and administrative offices "within reasonable proximity to the Historical Park. For this sort of thinking they are well paid from our tax dollars. Makes one feel good on April 15, when we pay our “dues.” This makes me wonder if the two Reps would have been candidates for the second load on a bus ride which took place in South Africa (as I remember it) also reported by World magazine.

A bus load of patients from a psychiatric hospital were being driven to another location when the driver decided that he needed a break. He parked and secured the bus and then took his rest but on returning he found the bus to be empty. Needing to do something he drove to a bus stop where there was a crowd gathered and announced, “Come aboard free ride to your destination.” He then drove straight to the second facility where he told the attendant that the patients should not be listened to for they were suffering from delusions. According to the report, in World Magazine, it took two days to get the matter straighten out. After reading this I wondered if the two sponsors of the Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act may have visions of grandeur to the point of being delusional. On second thought, if it comes to pass, do you suppose I could get the franchise for a Starbucks Coffee outlet on the moon? It would certainly be a natural. No, I’d be on the same bus with the politicians.

He Knows
He knows it all—the winding path,
The sky o’ercast and gray,The steepness of the mountainside,
The roughness of the way.

He knows it all—the haunting fear,
The doubtings that distress,
The wond’rings and perplexities,
And all the strain and stress.

He knows it all—each troubled thought,
Each anxious wave of care,
And every burden, every grief,
Or cross that thou dost bear.

He knows it all—thy weight of woe,
Thine often tear-dimmed eye,
The stabbing pain, the slow, dull ache,
And sorrow’s broken cry.

He knows it all—you are His child,
Thy wounds He takes by choice.
He gave Himself to bring you home,
So trust Him, and rejoice!

-E. Margaret Clarkson

God bless y’all and that’s it from The Cove.


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