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September 2017

By Lars Gren

Perhaps by now you think that I have quit writing anything at all except for forwarding Betsy Frazier’s episodes on her accident. My hope is that I’ll get back to maybe the wedding in California, or what has happened since then, but for this one, I could not help offering you Betty’s final word on the “Bull Episode.”

When I read it, it was difficult to do so with a dry eye for her response unlike what possibly some of us would do, and that is to see the doctor first and then an attorney, second, so that years from now one could say, “Yes, I got hit by the bull, but I sure had a very good recovering payment for my pain through my attorney.” There’s no thought of such for Betsy, and I wonder if I would have responded in a similar spirit.

Read it and hope that you will not be hesitant about opening a future Ramblings!

God bless y’all and that’s it from the Cove,


Fall 2017
The Widow’s Mite Mission
Betsy Frazier
RR3 Box 432
Flagstaff AZ 86004

Dear Friends,

Greetings of Love in Jesus’ name!

So many of you have called or have written telling me you are praying for me since the Bull attack. The Bull wandered in from a nearby Ranch and ran into me and tossed me 4-5 feet. My head hit some rocks and gave me two skull fractures, smashed in my cheek bone so far, I couldn’t even feel it, except I could feel the bone it broke off from. There sometimes had a been a dull ache there where I would just massage it. Suddenly, I could feel my cheek bone again. It is almost normal now. Someone had asked me how the Doctor did it. The Doctor didn’t do it. God Did.

I have been asked by so many how am I doing and when will I return to the Mission that I will write the fall letter a little early to let you all know I am doing great. God have me my heart’s desire to get well fast and get to come back to the Mission. Although I did enjoy being with my family in the immediate recovery. Many of you had prayed the very same way for me. Thank you! Thank you! God answered our prayers. The Doctor said it would take 6 weeks or longer to heal and that older people often take longer (not all of them). I went back in about two weeks after the accident to have the staples removed from the back of my head. They used a glue on the cuts on my face which just peeled off. Then the Dr. said I could go back to my normal activities. My kids thought “Normal”? She doesn’t do normal. They wanted to wrap me up in bubble wrap and keep me safe in their homes. I was bursting with energy and needed so much more to do by the end of the second week. So, another answer to prayer to be able to come back here to the safest place in all the world which is to be in the center of God’s will. Our Problems are God’s opportunity to work as we cast our cares on him (Jesus), because he cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7. “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” It is exciting to see how God will work them out.

After I came back, Native American’s came and told me they were praying for me to get better and come back. So many of them pitched in and helped to clean and fill the clothes room (Betsy’s Closet) and shoe shed, coat shed and helped to pull weeds. My daughter Sally said something that touched my heart when she said we just need to put you Mom in God’s hands. She has since moved back home with me but still works in town. So many of you sent scriptures. My favorites and some I hadn’t found yet, including Psalms 146:8. “the Lord healith the eyes of the blind.” I thank God every day for healing my eyes. There are so many precious treasures and promises in God’s Word. Scripture tells us to meditate on God’s Word day and night and he will bless us.

I have heard over and over that I should sue the Ranch for having bulls run loose around here. I tell them I am a Christian and I don’t sue. I trust God to take care of all my needs including my medical bills.

The Navajo tribe pays caregivers to care for the handicapped and the elderly. Many of them come here for their clients to get what they need. A caregiver came recently and her clients, an elderly couple that had hardly anything because their grandkids would take them shopping and spend most of their social security check on themselves. We have heard similar stories to this over and over again. Here they could stock up on clothes, shoes, bedding, dishes, food and etc..

Some adult children and/or grandchildren will come with their older parents and tell me they took good care of them so they want to do the same for them. That’s how it should be.

Many tell me how postage is so high and I know this as I also send out care packages. There are a few out of state groups willing and ready along with groups from here in Arizona that come out with truckloads of clothing and supplies and load us right up. We also have a crisis center and a couple of second hand stores nearby that also bring us loads. We greatly appreciate all your prayers and your support which helps to keep us going.

God bless you.


Betsy, Family and Helpers

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