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September 2009 -- Update on Elisabeth

By Lars Gren

Update (September 23, 2009): Yesterday, which was the 22nd of September, we went to have another view of the five broken bones in the foot and received the good word that they were healing nicely. Elisabeth is now walking on a hard-soled sandal type shoe for the next two weeks and then she is to be in normal wear.

It has been a most unusual summer since the 20th of June. The only good thing about the rehab place, Blueberry Hill, is that we were there so much that we know most of the aides and nurses and have a standing "welcome back" for a visit, or ice cream, or Monday night supper and movie. However, I think it is best not to get too chummy there; after all, one would rather not think about why we were there. The strange thing about it all is that the days and weeks have passed swiftly, to me at least, more so than when we have "a normal life." We hope to go to Branson, MO, in October, for the program sponsored by Music Evangelism. That was the organization that we were going to be with on the 20th of June when the first fall occured. Now, if any one is living within a short drive to Branson and you're reading this, come down and see us. The dates are October 14-17, and you are guarenteed some good music which will not be ear-splitting either, along with some messages as well. If you're interested, the website is www.mefmusic.org. The only thing that we will miss is the final Saturday matinee due to flight difficulties. So, as we put accidents to rest, we thank you for your prayers and notes that we received.

And that is the final of such from the Cove.


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