Ramblings from the Cove...

October 2007

By Lars Gren

Some years back we were with a friend in Phoenix who happened to be talking about her husband and his ease of talking to any one in a chance meeting or with a more familiar acquaintance about the Lord. If my memory is right she was measuring her somewhat inability to do so with his ability and I have to say that I fall rather into her group. Oh, I do remember the times when the conversation led naturally to spiritual things, as was the case on a Tube ride from London to Heathrow airport and on several plane rides so that one can say that God brought this about. But if I prep myself to give it a try it seldom goes anywhere for either I say nothing of a spiritual nature or what I say comes a bit before the conversation reaches a dead end. This was even the case when I had a “vision.” Well it was not a vision rather it was reality coming to nothing. This was on a solo flight without Elisabeth and for some reason I wound up in the aisle seat where the seats are wider with greater leg room and at that time there was even a real meal served with a dessert. In the window seat was a business man minding his business or perhaps just reading and as we flew along I gazed out the widow at the lovely sight one only sees when clear blue skies are above you with puffy white clouds appearing as billows of wool well below the plane. The sunlight coming from the opposite side accentuates the crystal blue sky. As we moved along my attention was riveted on seeing, suspended as it were, above the billowing clouds a long pencil thin solid wisp of a cloud some distance from the plane and towards the far end was a crossbar in proportion to the length of the other to form a cross with the far side elevated a bit from the foot. It took me by such a force that I shook my head and blinked my eyes to see if what my eyes told me it was was so and inwardly I said, “Do you see the cross, do you see the cross?” I should ask the fellow if he sees it but he’ll think I’m balmy and so the cross passed to the rear as we continued our flight pattern. When we fly I often think of that little “window” that has stuck in my memory. Just five words so easy to say but inhibitions get in the way when offering a word of eternal significance. Much easier to mention weather—everyone’s favorite—baseball, football or croquet depending on the season—even politics but to mention the cross now that is difficult and what sort of response will I get best wait for a better opportunity. What better opportunity? There it was written in the sky.

Why go on about this? Well we have known of the Pocket Testament League for some years but only in the last few years have we kept their Gospel of John to give out. I try to have one in my pocket and when the opportunity comes to offer one in a chance meeting I do so. Only two have refused the offer. One is the lady that occasionally checks my blood pressure and she had read a tract which was not the best for her and just said, “No I don’t want to take it for I’ll not read it. We had a few extra words and she is trusting to be good enough to get to heaven. The other refusal came from a good friend who had been very ill and was recuperating. We have had small talks touching on being a Christian but he claims to be on good terms, “With the man upstairs” and only uses the name as an adjective and being honest said that he was not interested in reading it.

It was quite different as I stood in a line to get a receipt for a tank of gas when I noticed the 666 tattooed on the neck of the second man in front of me. Why I wondered would anyone have that number and I sure would like to ask him why but he had started his walk out the door. I said to myself, “If he is out there I’ll try to ask him if it stands for anything?” Sure enough as I walked out he had started to drive and would go past me in his plumbing truck. I waved to him; he came to a stop and rolled down his window. “I noticed that you had 666 tattooed on your neck. Does it stand for anything? He laughed and said, “Yes I know what it stands for. I’ve read the Bible but my friends thought it was funny to choose that tattoo.” “Have you read the Gospel of John?” “Probably.” “I have a Gospel of John, how about taking that and you may find a few things to think about. Should you wonder why John wrote this message look at the page that I have turned down and the verse which I marked” “Thanks much and I’ll read it.” With that, off he drove. Of course one ever knows if he read it or if it would make him think about his life and relationship to God but it might. The timing and meeting flowed as though it was guided by God as we know are all things.

Should John’s Gospel be something that might be a help to you as a give away get in touch with The Pocket Testament League Box 800 Lititz PA 17543. And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y'all,

L and E

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