Ramblings from the Cove...

October 2011

By Lars Gren

Never before have we received so many notes and calls about our well being as we did in the aftermath of the east coast earthquake and in the blow of Irene. There have been prior hurricanes but never an earthquake in the years that we have been here. Before the arrival of Irene the radio newscasters were having a field day and if one had a television set, it would have been the same thing on that medium. Or if we had cable, I could have tuned into the 24-hour around the clock weather forecasts. However, that was impossible since we do not have cable and as to a television set, we’re still on analogue leaving us without that medium too. Through the kindness of friends in Dallas, who we see occasionally, and when there we watch the DVD’s of “Foyle's War" on their TV. Last year they came to visit our area and stayed with us for a couple weekends. They could not believe that we had no TV or a DVD screen larger than a computer. On their day of departure they came with a nice screen that plays DVDs. It will take a bit to master the controls but in time I will. Next thing you know I’ll be talking about our 64 inch wall hanging screen with closed caption option for viewing three programs simultaneously or some such thing. I think that they just wanted to add some excitement to our sedentary lifestyle. That is as close to watching TV as we can muster.

Whenever I turned on the radio, if it happened to be time for the weather there seemed to be exhilaration in the newscasters voice as they announced the “where—when—and speed of the coming disaster to various areas. It was stock up—don’t forget batteries and candles—fill up the gas tank and on and on it went. All of it done with a certainty that is so different in tone than the normal,”Today light overcast skies, morning fog which should burn off by noon, 67 degrees for a high, low of 49, next report five past the hour.” We did venture to the store, but only because we needed some groceries for that particular day and I have to say that the pandemonium that one hears about was not present at our stores. However my sister who lives in Stony Brook, N.Y. went out to get some batteries, and couldn't find any at all. Stores on Long Island sold out of bottled water. The predictions had been for a direct hit, and one seems compelled then to buy in a few goodies, even though the storm itself passes rather quickly. It brought to mind Y2K, with the dire predictions of multiple disasters with computers, airlines canceling flights, different possibilities of breakdowns were discussed and of course the banking situation would be in chaos—perhaps that is the one thing that came true but about a decade later. Back then I did join those who made preparations by purchasing six cans of tuna fish and six of salmon. I reasoned that Elisabeth and I could eat one half a can each per day getting through twelve days and by then all would be well. I'm happy to say that we did not have to carry out those plans since the new century arrived without “the tolling of the bells.” No, I did not think of buying a supply for the neighbors.

We do appreciate those who were concerned for our welfare. Should another hurricane develop may it be as this one for we have seen rougher weather and seas in a winter nor’easter. So I sang a portion of the old tune “Irene goodnight Irene, Irene goodnight, goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene, I'll see you in my dreams.” Honor was bestowed where honor should be (sez I) for the “powers to be” named the storm after my mother. Sadly serious damage occurred west of here and of course northwest into Vermont where towns were devastated.

As to the earthquake not a tremor felt here and only heard about it later via the radio. Well that is more than enough on natural occurrences and for you who have read this far here is a “peek” into a couple of recently received letters. One should certainly make you smile while the other one might give you an idea for helping that friend or family member that is caught with a less than obedient child. A friend Sharon writes concerning Elisabeth’s gateway to Joy program that was aired for a number of years, “My son and daughter cut their teeth on her talks. Now my daughter is playing the cassettes with her two and a half year old in the car. At a rest stop, after having listened to Elisabeth for miles down the turnpike, and following their brief respite, the little family resumed their trip. My daughter evidently did not hit the start button to resume the cassette fast enough for little Kate piped up, “Put God back on, Mommy!” Art Linkletter would have loved that one.

A young mother from Holland had written last year asking for some advice on rearing her young daughter. I had sent a form letter of Elisabeth’s that fit the need. As she used to say, “There are no new questions. All have been asked for before.” Along with the letter I sent a CD, which if my memory holds, was given in Alabama to a group of young mothers on child training. I chose the one called, “The Obedient Child.” Here is an excerpt from her recent letter: “Thank you very much for the CD you sent us. We have found it very helpful. It reminds us of the task God gave us of raising our daughter, now 18 months old, teaching her about Him and the privilege it is. It took quite a while before we saw results and I had hoped to share some of those with you. In such a society it is difficult to keep at it when almost everything we hear around us comes from such a modern humanistic philosophy. We continue to pray that God will show us His way regardless of what the society around us tell us. Now we can see that our little girl really is learning to obey and that al the months work we’ve been putting into her are actually paying off. We pray that God will continue to give us wisdom in teaching her to obey.”

I read the letter to Elisabeth and it was gratifying to do so. If Elisabeth had met the woman she would have responded to her with the oft use phrase, “Thanks be to God for whatever you have gleaned.” May God bless you in enjoying the scope and variety of His “painting” the hills and dales before the white of winter sets in.

And that’s it from The Cove.

God bless y'all,


P.S. Should you know some who might need help with difficult children, there are two CDs especially for that topic on our order form: “How to Love your Children” and the above mentioned “The Obedient Child.” You might do them a favor towards having a peaceful home.

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