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December 14, 2012

By Lars Gren

Have you ever experienced a year that has rushed towards its demise as this one has? Of course I said that last year and more than likely as not it was said so for at least the past sixty years. There is however a change this year in that we have received Christmas cards in November—unheard of in prior years—why—who knows--but perhaps postage is about to rise along with a few other things. Be that as it may it has spurred me on by trying to respond to greetings received in an orderly manner and by not sending belated Christmas greetings on April of 2013. I intended to give a little update on family matters such as births—marriages—replacement parts—partings—empty nesters—reunions attended where no one looked as they should have looked, well at least as they were remembered. However since I do that every so often on elisabethelliot.org (Elisabeth’s web site) under “Ramblings from the Cove” it would be repetitious to do so here and further more this being written (well started) on the 5th of December, the eve of the auspicious 6th marking the 30th day since November 6 when the common folk of this nation waited in eager expectation, standing as though on tip toes for the announcement, of who it would be that would lead this nation on to greatness in the next four years. It did not take too long to have the answer which understandably left some exceedingly happy and other’s shaking their heads wondering if the wild promises made could ever be fulfilled or fail as it did for President Hoover’s party that promised, “A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage.” Perhaps a simpler and less expensive slogan for this “cycle” would be, “A cell phone in every pocket.” But if the “here is what we’ll do for you” promises come true then we might revive the Party theme song of President Roosevelt’s election, “Happy days are here again—The skies are clear again—Let us sing a song of cheer again—Altogether shout it now—There’s no one who can doubt it now—So let us tell the world about it now—Happy days are here again—Your cares and troubles are gone—There’ll be no more from now on—Happy days are here again—The skies above are clear again—So, let us sing a song of happy cheer again.”

Before we go singing that cheery song we might note that the Great Depression began as a slight recession and was further accelerated by government planned stimulate packages and a widely speculative stock market and as things soured for Hoover there was another song making the rounds.

“I used to winter in the tropics—I spent my summers at the shore—We’d like to thank you: Herbert Hoover—For really showing us the way—You made us what we are today—Prosperity was round the corner—The cozy cottage built for two—We’re turning blue—They offered us Al smith and Hoover—We paid attention and we chose—Not only did we pay attention—We paid through the nose—in every pot he said a chicken—But Herbert Hoover he forgot—Not only don’t we have the chicken—We ain’t got the pot!—Hey Herbie—You left behind a grateful nation—So, Herb our hats are off to you—We’re up to here with admiration—Come down and have a little stew—Come down and share some Christmas dinner—Be sure to bring the missus too—We got no turkey for our stuffing—We’d like to thank you, Herbert Hoover—For really showing us the way—You Bureaucrat, you made us what we are today.”

The last bit about “sharing” may have been drawn from Hoover’s inaugural address where although he, “Celebrated prosperity while wishing that more could be done to spread its benefits evenly.” He unveiled his own version of a. “Kinder, gentler capitalism—wanted a nation where all were secure.” Of course that’s a wish that all have. I suppose even the occupiers. So now, as we await the official start of the next four year term we may not feel terribly secure in what we have or what the government has in store for the future but then no matter who is in power there is that One who knows the end from the beginning and we can rest assured that His promises will not fail.

And that’s it from the Cove, whether you have read this via cyberspace or post, may God bless your 2013.

God bless y'all,


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