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December 14, 2013

By Lars Gren

This is generally the time that I try to sum up the year for us. A sort of combination letter of this passing year and sending along Christmas and New Years greetings without putting you into slumber land or having you say, “Oh, what a bit of drivel, boredom personified.” I understand that. For now with us being at the Cove 90% of the time there is not much happening and it was suggested that I not try to wax eloquent (not that I ever was) over the rolling sea, the star bright heavens or that it was the best year ever for the Lace Cap Hydrangeas. As to the four foot high stems of the Monks Hood with the deep blue blossoms at the very top, that are so lovely and inviting causing one to think of plucking a few for tea, as one can with lavender or honeysuckle. Do so, at your own peril for whether eaten or steeped for an elixir or for enjoyment it carries a deadly consequence. Perhaps that is why it is not commonly used in gardens since its effect is the same should we or an animal decide to munch on its blooms. They too seem to sense danger for the deer will eat our roses but eschew the Monks Hood that are within an easy stretch.

You’ll see if you continue reading that towards the end I do mention the elements and the splendor of fall colors and that was written when it was current news—a sort of a form letter—which I use in the general answering of weekly mail followed with a further personal response. For that reason some of you have already read and pitched that since I sent it out in answering October and November mail. However, I am still doing some October mail and hence I’ll send this convoluted mess to everyone. But to sum up this year—we had no accidents (so far) which we thank God for. However when I called Elisabeth’s doctor to ask to have a prescription filled for a slight infection she said, “She has not been in to see us in three years.” So in we went. She did the little “breath in—breathe out” and was declared fine; of course the problem is a bit sticky since Elisabeth would not be able to describe any sense of illness which might be of help in the diagnoses. So we thank the Lord for her good health throughout these now 37 years of marriage.

For those of you who stay away from the web site and my Ramblings, I’ll add that we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Dani from Ohio, who had been a great aide to us for a year. It was a lovely ceremony with the highlight for me coming in the pronouncement by the preacher, who was Dani’s brother, ‘for the groom to kiss his bride.’ As he took his time in pronouncing this Dani who was all revved up in anticipation, shifted from one foot to the other on tip toes and patted her hands in quick time anxious to receive this first ‘smack’ which when it was given brought forth a few chuckles. Would that all would be as excited as she was for that first “binding.”

One major trip was to Wales and Scotland in August where we spent some days with Steve and Stella Price. Steve being our doctor for many years has returned to Wales for ministry in a church that was organized in the Eighteen Hundreds. It was around the time of the Welsh Revival that Robert Jermaine Thomas was sent as a missionary to Korea where he was quickly martyred yet in that event a few became Christians. Many Koreans visit that church as a memorial site and see Thomas as part of the early Korean Christian movement. Steve is now the welcoming one to the visiting Koreans.

We also had a side trip to Edinburgh where met the oldest grand-daughter, Elisabeth and two of her four for lunch and a short visit as well as spending a couple of days with Addison Leitch’s youngest daughter who was with Add and Elisabeth after their marriage—sorry yes a bit confusing with husband #1,2, & 3 plus grand’s and great-grand’s. Young Elisabeth married a Brit and expects to live her life there. Mid-January we hope to have some weeks in Minneola near Orlando where we were this past January. Perhaps if you are in the neighborhood have a visit to the African Inland Mission Center and hope to see you there. May God grant to all of us safe keeping in our travels and joy for the hope we have in that one event that took place in a lowly stable, as John writes, “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” May that be ever more real as we all celebrate this Christmas Season. And that’s it from the Cove.

God bless y’all and that’s it from The Cove.

Lars & Elisabeth

(Below is the portion that dealt with Sept/Oct mail.)

We ought to have a greater appreciation for the hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” We have been spared the rolling thunder, the ‘out of season’ tornadoes that have just clobbered six States in the Midwest and the giant of giants cyclone. If in your part of the world it has been anything similar to the fall which we have been treated to that hit the Philippines and instead He has given us an extra long fall season with the birds delaying their departure for winter quarters. Here it is a week prior to Thanksgiving and only now do we notice the silence of the birds and in their place the start of the prevailing southwest winds coming in off the waters that signal cooler weather. Luciano, our next door neighbor who has loved sunsets since childhood as well as the starlit evenings, claims that for both it has been a banner fall. As to the foliage, never have the leaves been in full color for such a length of time and would you believe that we have a forsythia branch that has “decided” to bloom along with a Stella de Oro daylily — both are in for a surprise. But now the leaves have fallen or at least 90% of them and so I have been raking and thinking back to the late 40s when I would gather the oak leaves and pine needles into a great pile at the bottom of a hill by the edge of a pond and at the right time put a match to it. I would continue raking or if finished I might sit down in a sort of gazebo that my father had built and enjoy the upward swirling smoke with its aroma which I so miss as I empty our leaves into the adjacent woods there to just decay. Oh yes, I know it is compost but at least the memory of those good fall days linger on.

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