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  • God’s Guidance: Finding His Will for Your Life
  • God’s Guidance: Finding His Will for Your Life

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    *Most recently published under the tile, Seeking God’s Guidance.

    Where should one go to find advice and guidance for all of life’s difficult questions? “I have found in the Bible plenty of evidence that God has guided people,” writes Elisabeth Elliot. “I find, too, assurance that he is willing to guide me. He has been at it for a long time. His hand reaches toward me. I have only to take it.”

    In God’s Guidance, acclaimed author Elisabeth Elliot offers insightful thoughts, observations, and biblical insight to show how and why God guides his children. With compassion and sincerity, she invites readers to draw closer to God so they can walk confidently with him. 

    *Previously published under the title, “A Slow and Certain Light”.

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