The Elisabeth Elliot Newsletters, published bimonthly from 1982 until 2003, are filled with wonderful anecdotes, ministry updates, and biblical truths.

Enjoy and be encouraged today by these timeless letters.

Give Them Parking Space, but Let Them Starve to Death

Another moral threshhold was crossed last April when a tiny baby boy, at the specific request of his parents and the sanction of the Supreme Court of Indiana, was starved to death in a hospital.

The Weapon of Prayer

News came one day recently which indicated that a matter I had been praying about had deteriorated rather than improved. What good are my prayers, anyway? . . .

Working Mothers

Sue Horner, wife of the president of Barrington College in Rhode Island and herself the director of the Center for Women’s Concerns in that college, in a recent interview in New England Church Life,said, “Men have always been able to be involved in creative, self-actualizing work.”

Ungodly Counsel

At a recent women’s convention a young woman told me that her husband had wanted a divorce, but consented to see a Christian counselor before making it final. A member of the team in the counseling center told him that he himself was divorced and very happliy remarried. . . .

Where Will Complaining Get You?

. . . Nina Jean said she made up her mind that if complaining ws the reason God’s people were denied the privilege of entering Canaan, she was goin to quit. She set herself a yough task: absolutely no complaining for fourteen days . . .

Why Christians Suffer

So often people make remarks such as, “Isn’t it strange how God allows such awful things to happen — and she’s such a good person. So far I’ve found twelve explanations in scripture.

Steadfastness, Soundness, Hope

Suffering is the Christian’s boot camp. Those who are preparing to be soldiers must give evidence that they’ve got what it takes.

Strength Out of Weakness – Why

Corrie ten Boom was a woman of strong faith and a radiant face. Why? She had suffered as most of us Americans can hardly imagine.

Does God Allow His Children to Be Poor?

God allows both Christians and non-Christians to experience every form of suffering known to the human race, just as He allows His blessings to fall on both.

The World Must Be Shown

When Jesus was speaking with His disciples before His crucifixion, He gave them His parting gift: peace such as the world can never give. But He went on immediately to say, “Set your troubled hearts at rest and banish your fears. . . .”

Crowned Because He Suffered

The very joyfulness if Christmas makes it especially hard for those who suffer. It seems incongruous that celebrations should go on as always when one’s own roof has fallen in. . .

Our Share of Suffering

Most of us know next to nothing about real persecution or what it’s like to be in chains. When Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians, they were being severely persecuted, and he himself was actually chained between two guards in a Roman prison. . .

The Suffering of Divorce

Many Christians now seem to reagard divorce as an option, even when adultery is not involved. If they are not “comfortable” with their spouse, if they are “under too much pressure,” if the grass looks greener elsewhere . . .

What Kind of Power Do Women Want?

“Today’s women are the victims of the second biggest con game in history. (The first was when the serpent persuaded Eve that she needed to upgrade her lifestyle and become ‘like God’).” So writes Mary Pride, in her new book The Way Home (Beyond Feminism – Back to Sanity).

But Also to Suffer

AMy Carmichael once spent a day in solitude in a cave in Japan, wrestling in prayer over some secret matter which she never fully revealed to anyone. It seems she feared loneliness.

How to Discover What God Wants

A young woman came in great perplexity to a Scottish preacher, asking how she could resolve the question of her own desires when they seemed to be in such contradiction to the will of God. He took out a slip of paper, wrote two words on it, handed ot to her with the request that she sit down for ten minutes, cross out one of them . . . .

Thanksgiving for What Is Given

Some people are substituting “Turkey Day” for Thanksgiving. I think it must be because they are not aware that there’s anybody to thank, and the most important thing about the holiday is food.

Rules for Courtship

“A serious problem is presented to parents and other directors of youth in the wrong views of courtship that are prevalent today. . . It is so fraught with moral danger that the rules governing it should be strictly enforced: “

Struggling with Self-Esteem

Who has been telling people that they should always be “struggling” with things? Who came up with this self-esteem notion?. . . .

The Heavenliness of a Little Child

In creating a family, God sets a little child in the midst of husband and wife, and in that little child open to them the mystery of the kingdom of heaven and the spiritual world.

Who Will Speak to My Husband?

On the one hand, feminists frantically seek to escape the clear teaching of the Apostle on the matter of headship in the home. . . . It is the other side that frightens me. . . .

Family Prayers

When I was a child my father and mother gathered the six of us in the living room after breakfast every morning for family prayers. First we sang a hymn, omitting none of the stanzas, accompanied on the piano by one of our parents.

The Mother of the Lord

We see her first, that little Mary (may I say little? I think she was a teenager), as a simple village girl in a poor home in an out-of-the-way place.