Weekly Devotionals in God's Character

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Weekly Devotionals

Learning the Father’s Love

Date posted: June 5, 2024
During the month of June we invite you to join us for a short series on Elisabeth's reflections on Fatherhood....
Weekly Devotionals

God’s Curriculum 

Date posted: September 20, 2023
**This week we continue with our theme “In the Classroom”. Elisabeth reminded us often that it was God who is...
Weekly Devotionals

Those Mighty Feathers

Date posted: June 21, 2023
**This week we conclude our series on Elisabeth’s Mentors. We hope you enjoy this final installment about the dear Katherine...
Weekly Devotionals

The Howard Home

Date posted: March 31, 2022
As we conclude this season’s focus on relationships, we share a beautiful portrait of the Howard home, the home of Elisabeth’s...
Weekly Devotionals

Maybe This Year . . .?

Date posted: January 20, 2022
"I hardly know where to start," a recent letter begins. "My story is not one involving men. That's the problem....
Weekly Devotionals

Rich Enough For The Need

Date posted: November 4, 2021
Can God possibly do anything about the matter that troubles me most today?  Isn’t it really a bit much to...
Weekly Devotionals

The Helplessness of God’s Servants

Date posted: September 16, 2021
One of the facts of Christian life that seems most inexplicable is God’s not rescuing His most faithful and obedient...
Weekly Devotionals

The Father’s Voice

Date posted: June 24, 2021
Originally published: Jun 24, 2021
Norbert Selking, of Hebron, Illinois, who writes to me and prays for me, wrote, "I am reminded of our young family...
Weekly Devotionals

The Supremacy of Christ

Date posted: March 11, 2021
Originally published: Mar 11, 2021
Last October I received a copy of the Auca (now known as Waorani) translation of the New Testament. The orthography has been greatly...
Weekly Devotionals

All Things Serve Thee

Date posted: February 18, 2021
Originally published: Feb 18, 2021
The Lord’s decrees (His promises, His plans, His every word) stand fast, no matter what news we receive.  A child...
Weekly Devotionals

Learning the Father’s Love

Date posted: February 11, 2021
Originally published: Feb 11, 2021
When my brother Dave was very small, we spent a week at the seaside in Belmar, New Jersey.  In vain...
Weekly Devotionals

How to Discover What God Wants

Date posted: January 28, 2021
Originally published: Jan 28, 2021
A young woman came in great perplexity to a Scottish preacher, asking how she could resolve the question of her...
Weekly Devotionals


Date posted: January 21, 2021
Originally published: Jan 21, 2021
Full moon on a silver sea.  Shadows throwing into sharp relief the luminous rocks.  I sat in the antique rocking...
Weekly Devotionals

The Nativity

Date posted: December 24, 2020
Originally published: Dec 24, 2020
Out of the dusk, a promise (Is. 9:6) Out of the dark, a star (Mt. 2:2) Out of the world,...
Weekly Devotionals

The World Must Be Shown

Date posted: December 3, 2020
Originally published: Dec 3, 2020
When Jesus was speaking with His disciples before His crucifixion, He gave them His parting gift:  peace such as the...