Weekly Devotionals in Peace

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Weekly Devotionals

A Good Sleeping Pill 

Date posted: August 30, 2023
When I was a little girl this poem hung on the wall of the room where I slept in our...
Weekly Devotionals

Franconia – Part Two

Date posted: July 26, 2023
**This week we continue our visit to Gale Cottage in Franconia, New Hampshire where Elisabeth's mother, Katherine, recalls her honeymoon...
Weekly Devotionals

Summertime in Strawberry Cove

Date posted: July 6, 2023
This week in our new summer series we again invite you to Strawberry Cove in Magnolia, MA ~ Lars and...
Weekly Devotionals

Perfect Peace

Date posted: February 22, 2023
Amy Carmichael gives a beautiful illustration from nature of perfect peace. The sun bird, one of the tiniest of birds,...
Weekly Devotionals

A Quieter Christmas

Date posted: December 2, 2021
Advent is the four weeks preceding Christmas. It means the coming of Christ. Do we pause first to ponder that...
Weekly Devotionals

Strength for Anything

Date posted: October 28, 2021
Paul writes to the Christians in Philippi about his prison experience, but without any descriptive detail. He might have dwelt on...
Weekly Devotionals

Dwell in Christ, Dwell in Love

Date posted: October 7, 2021
I am at sixes and sevenses just now—perplexed by many affairs of business and personalities and social obligations. The Faith I...
Weekly Devotionals

This Moment’s Need

Date posted: September 30, 2021
The urgency of some matter at hand—a family member ill or rebellious or unemployed or estranged, a sudden disaster, an...
Weekly Devotionals

The Calm Spirit of Christ

Date posted: September 23, 2021
Today is moving day.  There will be plenty of reason for fretting and stewing, impatience and turbulence.  I am one who seems...
Weekly Devotionals

He Will Find a Place

Date posted: August 19, 2021
Uncertainty is surely, for most of us, one of the harder lessons in faith.  We look ahead and see only...