An Update on Lars Gren


Friends of the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation, 

It has been some time since we’ve given you an update on Elisabeth’s dear Lars, and by God’s grace, he recently celebrated his 87th Birthday!

Lars’ overall health is excellent. Unfortunately, he has taken a few tumbles over the last year, so now he is using a walker full time. However, that has not kept him from enjoying his home in Arkansas. He was always an enthusiastic gardener, and he likes strolling and/or napping in the newly redone courtyard garden where he lives. There’s a new fountain, birdbath, wind chimes, and a bench for sitting that Lars has dedicated to Elisabeth. It’s a lovely garden that is enjoyed daily by all the residents and their families alike.

During our regular visits with Lars, we share your kind wishes, cards, and news of the EE Foundation. Also, while together we phone family and friends to let him visit, and these encouragements always bring a smile to his face. In this season, we praise God that he is content, and that his caregivers are loving and kind. Let’s just say they often spoil him with chocolates, midnight sandwiches, and ice cream!

We feel sure that many of you reading this know someone you love who is facing dementia. May God continue to be the source of loving comfort for them, and may He strengthen those who care for them. Our Elisabeth wrote a wonderful pamphlet when her own mother had dementia. We’ve included that little writing here that it may encourage your heart, too. We pray for these precious ones, including Lars, that God in His mercy will continue to tenderly care for them.

Grace & Peace,

The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation Board