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from The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation

Elisabeth Elliot Display at Museum of the Bible

The Bibles of Elisabeth Elliot

A Bible is often a treasured belonging, but the way people treasure their Bibles is different. Some people choose to preserve the pages of their Bible without blemish, free of underlines and notations, believing it should not be marred by pens and highlighters. Others leave comments in the…

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Learning from Elisabeth Elliot’s Legacy in Our Own Pain with Kathy Reeg

God’s ‘Extraordinary Mission’ for an ‘Ordinary Woman’: Museum of the Bible Honors Elisabeth Elliot

The Legacy of Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot Exhibit At Museum of the Bible

The Elisabeth Elliot Story at Museum of the Bible

Explore the inspiring story of Elisabeth Elliot on the Museum of the Bible website. Learn how, in 1958, she returned to the Ecuadorian rainforest to live with the Waodäni tribe, who had tragically taken her husband’s life just two years prior. Her choice of forgiveness over revenge led…

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The Faith of Elisabeth Elliot: Episode 787 – Boundless

We all have that person we admire or enjoy following on social media and beyond — the star athlete, actor or musician, famous pastor/theologian, or popular influencer. While we may have good reason to look up to a person for their wisdom, talent or accomplishments, at what point…

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Victim of Circumstances or a Student of God?

A Conversation about a Heart of God by Elisabeth Elliot

In 2021, a piece of writing by Elisabeth Elliot was discovered tucked away in a Word document – it had never been published or seen by anyone. In partnership with the Elisabeth Elliott Foundation, DaySpring is publishing that writing for you in the new book, Heart of God:…

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Elisabeth Elliot’s Lost Manuscript

While searching through old files, radio producers at Back to the Bible discovered an unpublished work written by the late missionary pioneer.

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