An Update on Lars Gren…


Many of you have so kindly inquired about the well-being of Elisabeth’s Lars, (affectionately known as the 3rd Mr. Elliot).  We thought an update was in order for you to enjoy.

For those who didn’t know, Lars was diagnosed with dementia in 2016.  He sold the lovely home he and Elisabeth built together at 10 Strawberry Cove in June of 2019, and moved into a cozy cottage in Little Rock, Arkansas in a retirement community. He was happily ensconced there with many visitors from coast to coast coming to see him. Lately, Lars has been splitting his time between visiting with a close relative and staying in his managed care apartment in Arkansas, and he will return to Little Rock in May for the Summer. Though Lars’ dementia continues to progress, he is physically healthy, and still enjoys his walks.

Many of you have asked how to contact Lars. While he is limited in his ability to respond, if you want to write to him, you can do so through the:

Elisabeth Elliot Foundation, P.O. Box 22313, Little Rock, AR 72221.

We will definitely read your notes and letters to him.

Your prayers for his peace and joy in the midst of confusion are very much appreciated, and your ongoing love for Elisabeth & her legacy continue to warm his heart. Thank you for your friendship to him and kind prayers for his well being.   

Grace and Peace,

The Elisabeth Elliot Foundation