New Museum of the Bible Exhibit


We are thrilled to announce that the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C is opening an exhibit of our beloved Elisabeth’s life and legacy. It opens on March 30th and will be on display until the end of 2023. This has been an endeavor of years in the making; Lars and the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation donated many of Elisabeth and Jim’s personal items from the mission field to the Museum of the Bible. The Museum is one of our steadfast partners in helping to preserve and share the remarkable Elliot legacy with the world.

Also, stay tuned—the MOTB is preparing to share a virtual exhibit and potentially a traveling exhibit in the coming years as well! These will offer more opportunities to share the Elliot’s story as they use some of Elisabeth’s nearly 1,000 items, artifacts, Cornell Capa photos, and memorabilia. Make your plans to visit D.C. in the coming months ahead to lay eyes on these precious items. Many thanks for coming on this exciting journey with us…