Progress for God’s Glory


We are so pleased to share the amazing progress and effort that is being made by friends and family around the world to bring together the 2nd phase of Plans are crystallizing for this Phase 2 to launch in the next few months, and we are anxious to share with you all what we have uncovered, refined, and reformatted to bring Elisabeth’s many resources available in updated, user-friendly forms. To name just a few efforts underway…

  • reformatting the audio and updating bumpers on all of Elisabeth’s talks
  • putting together a podcast channel for her Gateway to Joy talks
  • creating a weekly devotional from her writings that will be available via email subscription

We want to make sure to thank the many who have so faithfully worked in this Phase 2 launch. It has truly been a team effort by very talented individuals from as far as Russia, Hawaii, & England and as near as Iowa, Colorado, Arkansas, and Washington, DC. We have been incredibly blessed to see so many offer their talents and gifts, and we hope that their efforts bless and encourage your hearts in the coming months as we launch!

We would certainly love your continued prayers for the team’s work – for unity, wisdom, and excellence while we seek to glorify God in every detail of this effort. So, please stay tuned… Many great things to come for God’s glory!