Gateway to Joy

“This is your friend, Elisabeth Elliot.” These iconic words were spoken over the airwaves for nearly 13 years on Back to the Bible’s daily broadcast of “Gateway to Joy”. Full of wisdom, wit, and spiritual truth, Elisabeth’s messages continue to inspire today. Tune in daily on BBN radio or listen here in the “Gateway to Joy” archives.

National Day of Prayer w-Shirley Dobson

Being Thankful for Troubles

Whose Am I?: A Different Kind of Woman

Whose Am I?: Whose Am I?

Whose Am I?: The Creator’s Design

Whose Am I?: The Difference Between Men and Women

Whose Am I?: Equality

From Belgium to Boston Part 1

A Real Woman: A Harmony of Differences

A Real Woman: Who is in Charge?

A Real Woman: Finding Ourselves by Losing

A Real Woman: A Real Woman

A Real Woman: A White Flag or a Red One

From Belgium to Boston Part 3

A Real Woman: Me, Obey Him?

A Real Woman: A Woman’s Work

A Real Woman: God’s Assignment Part 1

A Real Woman: God’s Assignment Part 2

From Belgium to Boston Part 4

Loneliness: The Sudden Tide

Loneliness: What to Do With Loneliness

Loneliness: A Refuge for Our Loneliness

Loneliness: Distinguishing Loneliness and Solitude

Loneliness: Loneliness as a Wilderness