Lectures & Talks

For over 25 years Elisabeth Elliot traveled around the world sharing her testimony and speaking passionately about timeless topics near to her heart. Those lectures and talks are now preserved and available here for your encouragement.

Deliverance from Depression GTJP-72

A learned Obedience

This talk was originally given in November 1998 at Gardena, CA

The Christian Family – Part 1

The Christian Family – Part 2

The Shaping of a Christian Family

Acceptance of the Will of God


This talk was originally presented in Marblehead, MA in October, 2001.

Jim Elliot Speaks: The Resurrection

Here is a very rare recording of Jim Elliot preaching. The date…

Jim Elliot Speaks: Feeding the 5000

Here is a very rare recording of Jim Elliot preaching. The date…

1956 Memorial Service

January 15, 1956, Quito, Ecuador This recording is of the memorial service…


The Glory of God’s Will

Originally given at the Urbana Missions Conference, 1976


Masculinity & Femininity

Masculinity and Femininity: Practical Implications

A Christian Reaction to Feminism

The Christian Woman

Knowing God: Grace

Knowing God: Will

Under The Shadow of the Almighty

The Path of Endurance

A Living Sacrifice

A Living Sacrifice Q&A

A Woman’s Offering: Gifts of My Life

A Woman’s Offering: What We Receive