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Weekly Devotionals

Jesus Was Never Busy

Date posted: October 21, 2021
“To be busy is to be engaged in an occupation which makes it inconvenient to be disturbed.”  So wrote Janet...
Weekly Devotionals

Hidden Work

Date posted: October 14, 2021
Few of us accomplish without delay or interruption what we set out to accomplish. Plans are made, and they fail....
Weekly Devotionals

Dwell in Christ, Dwell in Love

Date posted: October 7, 2021
I am at sixes and sevenses just now—perplexed by many affairs of business and personalities and social obligations. The Faith I...
Weekly Devotionals

This Moment’s Need

Date posted: September 30, 2021
The urgency of some matter at hand—a family member ill or rebellious or unemployed or estranged, a sudden disaster, an...
Weekly Devotionals

The Calm Spirit of Christ

Date posted: September 23, 2021
Today is moving day.  There will be plenty of reason for fretting and stewing, impatience and turbulence.  I am one who seems...
Weekly Devotionals

The Helplessness of God’s Servants

Date posted: September 16, 2021
One of the facts of Christian life that seems most inexplicable is God’s not rescuing His most faithful and obedient...
Weekly Devotionals

From Start To Finish

Date posted: September 9, 2021
The great witnesses to faith in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, beginning with Abel, who offered a sacrifice by faith,...
Weekly Devotionals

The Grand Lesson

Date posted: September 2, 2021
“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thess. 5:18). It is...
Weekly Devotionals

I Will Not Be Afraid

Date posted: August 26, 2021
News reports come every day concerning economic and political calamities about to befall us all, not to mention famines, tornadoes,...
Weekly Devotionals

He Will Find a Place

Date posted: August 19, 2021
Uncertainty is surely, for most of us, one of the harder lessons in faith.  We look ahead and see only...
Weekly Devotionals

Moonless Trust

Date posted: August 12, 2021
Some of you are perhaps feeling that you are voyaging just now on a moonless sea.  Uncertainty surrounds you.  There...
Weekly Devotionals

The Necessity to Cover

Date posted: August 6, 2021
There are things that it is our duty to cover in silence.  We are told nowadays that everything ought to...
Weekly Devotionals

No Reservations

Date posted: July 29, 2021
Obedience to the call of God must be wholehearted.  That is, we can lay down no conditions, withhold no part of ourselves...
Weekly Devotionals

When the River Bursts

Date posted: July 22, 2021
Psychologists chart stress factors related to various kinds of emotional trauma and the response of different people to those factors—death,...
Weekly Devotionals

Take Strength

Date posted: July 15, 2021
These strong, simple words can be spiritual adrenaline for us when we need them.  They were written by a man...
Gateway to Joy

My Testimony

Date posted: July 14, 2021
Originally published: Jan 3, 1997
Lectures & Talks

A Godly Woman is a Happy Woman

Date posted: July 13, 2021
Originally published: Apr 23, 1991
Weekly Devotionals

There Is No Other Way

Date posted: July 8, 2021
Originally published: Apr 23, 1991
In order to get to a place called Laity Lodge in Texas you have to drive into a riverbed.  The...
Weekly Devotionals

So High and So Low

Date posted: July 1, 2021
Originally published: Jul 1, 2021
We are prone to consider ourselves too busy (with important things, of course), too qualified (we have gifts, training, experience, responsibilities...
Lectures & Talks

The Perplexities of Prayer

Date posted: June 30, 2021
Originally published: May 1, 1992
Weekly Devotionals

The Father’s Voice

Date posted: June 24, 2021
Originally published: Jun 24, 2021
Norbert Selking, of Hebron, Illinois, who writes to me and prays for me, wrote, "I am reminded of our young family...
Weekly Devotionals

My Father’s Remembrance of His Father

Date posted: June 17, 2021
Originally published: Jun 17, 2021
In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, we share as a Devotional this special reflection from Elisabeth… “When I was...
Video Talks

The Glory of God’s Will

Date posted: June 16, 2021
Originally published: Feb 9, 2004
Lectures & Talks

The Shepherd’s Leading

Date posted: June 14, 2021
Originally published: Mar 17, 1992