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  • Facing the Death of Someone You Love

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    Elisabeth Elliot’s practical words of comfort will guide others through their sorrow at the time of loss and give them reassurance that their God will never abandon them. Available as a tract in packs of 25.

    It’s gone. I could see the yellow-spoked wheel of the spare tire, perched on the back of a 1934 Plymouth , disappear over the hilltop. The car in which I might have gotten a ride home from elementary school on this rainy day had gone and I was left behind.

    “It’s gone.” The trainman stood at the only lighted gate in Penn Station. The train had gone, leaving me behind to figure out how on earth I was to make a speaking engagement on Long Island in an hour and a half.

    We’ve all experienced the desolation of being left in one way or another. And sooner or later many of us experience the greatest desolation of all: he’s gone. The one who made life what it was for us—who was, in fact, our life…

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