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  • Heart of God: 31 Days to Discover God’s Love for You

    by Elisabeth Elliot

    Discover a new, never-before-published devotional from the late Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth (1926-2015) was a missionary, author, and speaker. For over half a century, her life of obedience, timeless teachings, and best-selling books have influenced both believers and seekers of the Christian faith. In Heart of God: 31 Days to Discover God’s Love for You, readers will embark on a month-long journey of learning to see God’s character, intentions, and plan for their lives (and the world). They will find out how to recognize the compassionate hand of God in every circumstance, even suffering, and encounter the mystery and joy of unfolding the infinite layers of His unprecedented love for us: to understand the depth and reality of God’s love for us is the great adventure of the Christian faith.

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    “We humans are in a state of constant change. We are born, we grow, we mature, and we die. Along the way, we experience the inevitable joys and hardships of life. And we face the inevitable ch anges that are the result of our own mortality.

    But God never changes. His love never ceases, His wisdom never fails, and His promises endure, unbroken, forever. He “is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

    Place your trust in an eternal, unchanging God. Rest assured that His eternal heart will love you as much tomorrow as He does today and forever.”