All Things Serve Thee

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  • The Lord’s decrees (His promises, His plans, His every word) stand fast, no matter what news we receive.  A child has run away.  A mother has cancer.  A business has failed.  The events in our private lives and the great catastrophes in the world do not budge the solid ground on which the Christian takes his position.  How can this be?  Are there not conditions that harm and hinder and destroy?  Not in the end.  There is nothing on Earth or in hell or heaven, in time or eternity, that can alter in any final sense what God has promised—because all things serve Him. 

    A word in the book of Revelation shows this truth most gloriously.  Ten great kings will join their powers with an enormously powerful beast to wage war on the Lamb.  God does not intervene to prevent that war.  

    ​But the Lamb will defeat them, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings and his victory will be shared by his followers, called and chosen and faithful (Rev. 17:14).

    All things serve Him.  That is, everything will at last be seen to be under His control, contributing to His eternal purposes–and (here is another marvel) the Lamb’s victory will be ours as well.

    Lord, who has called and chosen us—make us faithful.  Enable us to keep our eyes on the final victory.

    Excerpt from A Lamp Unto My Feet, pages 36-37.