Dwell in Christ, Dwell in Love

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  • I am at sixes and sevenses just now—perplexed by many affairs of business and personalities and social obligations. The Faith I need is one of the sort that holds on to Christ’s words, “Dwell in me. . . Dwell in my love” (John 15:4, 10).  He gave these commands to the despairing disciples before He went to die. “Settle down,” He was saying. “Just stay where you are—in Me. I am staying with you and in you. Make your home in My love. Rest here. Take My peace.” To go on from one day to the next, leaving the unsettling things with God, being free and whole and serene because we are secure in our home—this is what “dwelling” in Christ and His love means. The people and the things about which we simply do not know what to do we can commit to His love as well, asking Him to find a room for them.

    **Excerpt originally published in Guided by God’s Promises, p. 126.