He Will Find a Place

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  • Uncertainty is surely, for most of us, one of the harder lessons in faith.  We look ahead and see only darkness, or what may seem more frightening—possibilities we’re convinced we can’t cope with.  

    This is where I am this morning as I write—possibilities of what may happen are daunting.  Asking the Lord for some help in resting my case with Him, I found these words:  “You saw. . . how the Lord your God carried you all the way to this place, as a father carries his son’.  In spite of this you did not trust the Lord your God, who went ahead on the journey to find a place for your camp” (Deut. 1:31-33).  

    Has He, in fact, carried me all the way to this place?  

    Of course He has.

    Did He look after my needs as attentively as a father his son’s?

    Of course He did.

    Have I reason to doubt that He is even now going ahead of me on my journey, to find a place for me? 

    No reason whatever.

    Shall I trust Him then?  Lord, forgive my fears.  I will trust, and not be afraid.  The place You find will certainly be a place of peace.  

    **Excerpt originally published in Guided By God’s Promises, pp. 104-105