How Do We Know We Are Called?

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  • We need never ask the question, “How do I know I’m called?” We ought rather to ask, “How do I know I am not called?” We are required to take the risk, move, trust God, make a beginning. This is what Jesus always asked of those who came to Him for help of any kind. Sometimes He asked them to state their case (“What do you want me to do?”), to affirm their desire (“Do you want to be healed?”), and often to do something positive (“Stretch out your hand”) before He could do His work. There had to be evidence of faith, some kind of beginning on their part. The first baby step of faith is followed by a daily walk of obedience, and it is as we continue with Him in His Word that we are assured that we were, in fact, called and have nothing to fear. The most common fear of the true disciple, I suppose, is his own unworthiness. When Paul wrote to the Corinthians, a group of Christians who had made some terrible messes even inside the church itself, he still never doubted their calling; for they were prepared to hear the Word and to be guided and corrected. It was not the perfection of their faith that convinced him they were called. They had made a beginning. In that beginning, Paul found evidence of faith: “It is in full reliance upon God, through Christ, that we make such claims. There is no question of our being qualified in ourselves:  We cannot claim anything as our own. The qualification we have comes from God.”

    **As we continue our quarterly theme of Joy in Obedience, we share this excerpt from A Joyful Surrender, pp. 19-20.