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  • “With my own hands I founded the earth, with my right hand I formed the expanse of sky; when I summoned them, they sprang at once into being … If only you had listened to my commands.” ~ Isaiah 48:13, 18a

    Take a look at the sky some night, pierced with stars; at the bright glory of a springtime sunrise; at great rolling thunderheads carrying a storm. Who called them into being? Look at the earth—glorious, tender, prodigious, sweet. Whose design was it? There was no reluctance there, ever. God spoke—it sprang at once to view.

    But we drag our heels. We’re not sure God can be trusted. We ask, “What is this He’s asking? What does He have in mind? Where is He taking me?” We come to a dead halt and question our feelings, examine our ability to do the thing or our inclination to comply. To comply! With the Lord of the Universe! The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Ancient of Days!

    “If only you had listened to my commands, your prosperity would have rolled on like a river in flood and your just success like the waves of the sea.” ~ Isaiah 48:18

    God, deliver me from meanness and narrowness of heart, from playing in trickles and puddles, rather than giving myself fully and at once to the power of Your floods and oceans.

    Lord, let my love for You be of the kind that, hearing Your word of command, springs at once to obedient action.

    **As we continue our quarterly theme of Joy in Obedience, we share this excerpt from ”Guided by God’s Promises”, pp 340-341.