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  • **This week we continue our quarterly theme of Elisabeth Elliot’s Heroes of the Faith. To discover more about Ms. Trotter’s life and work, please visit The Lilias Trotter Legacy webpage.

    Lilias Trotter ( 1853-1928 ), a talented English artist, went to North Africa and founded the Algiers Mission Band (now a part of the North Africa Mission). Her little book, Parables of the Cross, illustrated with exquisite water-colors of plant life, was dedicated to one ”B.A.B.”, and to Amy Carmichael (whom she never met). It is a spiritual classic which profoundly expounds the great principle of the Cross, life out of death.

    Spiritual Growth

    It is when the death of winter has done its work
    that the sun can draw out in each plant its own
    individuality, and make its existence full and
    fragrant. Spiritual growth means something more
    than the sweeping away of the old leaves of sin—it
    means the life of the Lord Jesus developed in us.

    — Lilias Trotter

    **Excerpts originally published in the Jan/Feb 1989 and Mar/Apr 2001 Elisabeth Elliot Newsletters.