Passion and Purity

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  • A twenty-six-year-old man preparing to be a missionary writes, “I wish someone had given me this book about six months ago because it would have saved me a lot of pain and anguish of heart. The principles you wrote about spoke to me about more than just boy-girl relationships. God used this book to turn me from a very dangerous and persistent habit I’ve gotten into.” He goes on to say he’d been dating many different girls, but deep down he had a real aversion to the whole dating scene. “I didn’t like the feeling of having many girlfriends but really having no one. My heart was aching and lonely. I could feel Jesus asking me if He could have some time with me, please, so that He could comfort me, but it was always easier to call a friend (guy or girl) and spill out my problems to that person …. This last week I picked up your book and began to read it. God hit me so hard with the fact that I have been searching in the wrong place for my fulfillment. Jesus did not have first place, so how could I ever enjoy a marriage relationship?”

    **Excerpt originally published in the May/June 1986 Elisabeth Elliot Newsletter.