Rich Enough For The Need

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  • Can God possibly do anything about the matter that troubles me most today?  Isn’t it really a bit much to expect?

    In one form or other, articulated or not, this thought does occur to most of us now and again.  Think about it:  Can He?  Does He have what it takes?  Well, think about these facts:

    He made the stars.

    He created the “great lights” –and once made the sun stand still for Joshua.

    He combined the elements with perfect precision of atomic and molecular structure—and once caused an iron axe-head to float.  

    He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, as well as New Zealand’s ninety million sheep—but was Himself led as a sheep to the slaughter and became the Lamb which takes away the sin of the world.

    Is He able to do what I ask?  Is He rich enough for my need?  He is.  I found the promise this morning in Romans 10:12—“Lord of all. . . rich enough for the need of all who invoke him.”  The context, of course, is salvation.  If He can save us, He can save us “to the uttermost.”  Doesn’t that cover everything I need?  

    **Excerpt originally published in Guided by God’s Promises, pp. 123-124.