Seek Things That Will Last

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  • The world and the gifts it prizes can be bought with money. Christ and His gifts are priceless. Everything that happens is meant, in the loving purpose of Him who paid for us with blood, to wean us away from the world and to Himself, to disenchant us with temporal things and enchant us with heavenly, to feed us with Living Bread, not with stones. As soon as we attach our ambitions to things that will let us down He calls us in some specific way to let go of such handholds and take hold of Him. He and He alone is able to keep us from falling, able to fill the empty places the world is always clamoring to fill.

    Lord, by Your dealings with me today, may I be drawn a little farther from the love of things which are seen and a little nearer to the love of things which are not seen, things which can never be corrupted. Pull me hard, Lord, to Yourself.  

    **Excerpt originally published in “Guided By God’s Promises”, pg. 239.