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  • We have promised the Lord our loyalty and lifelong obedience, “at any cost.”  We imagine perhaps having to pay the high price of death itself—losing our loved ones, or losing our own lives in the line of service.  We are not prepared for the “low” costs of the spiritual life, the petty sacrifices we must make daily (according to the wish of another in some simple thing, saying no to ourselves about a piece of cake, for example), if we are to follow faithfully.  We keep the small change in our pockets, as it were, instead of gladly turning it over to him who can multiply even a widow’s “mite” for blessing.  She who gives is blessed as well –no, even more than—the ones who receive.  

    Lord, if I overlook the “pennies” You give me to give back to You, You will never be able to ask me to give You the dollars.  Make me faithful every hour of every day in that which looks trivial at the moment.

    **Excerpt originally published in “Guided by God’s Promises”, p. 118.