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  • Has it ever happened with you that you have asked God to show you what He wants done about a certain matter, and His answer seems to be, “I am concerned now with something much smaller”?  He sometimes shows me that the thing that looms large in importance to me is not nearly so important to God just now.  He would rather I please Him in some “minor” thing.  This is the thing that matters at the moment.  

    A husband or wife may be thinking of some special occasion when he or she can demonstrate love, but what the other longs for is something much smaller—some word or touch or look of real tenderness.  The big occasion, the expensive gift, may appear empty of meaning unless the love is evident in little ways day by day.  

    The life of Christ, if it is to be lived daily, is lived out in love.  This love will be manifest in our desire to offer up every least thing to Him, to do the smallest task faithfully, confess the “little” sins quickly, be strict with our minutes as well as our hours.

    “Do you love me?”  Jesus asks.
    “Why, of course, Lord—look what I did for you last Sunday at church!”
    “But child—I am looking for something much smaller.”

    **Excerpt originally published in “The Music of His Promises”, pg. 51-52.