Strength for Anything

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  • Paul writes to the Christians in Philippi about his prison experience, but without any descriptive detail. He might have dwelt on how dreadful the place was and how uncomfortable to be in stocks or chained to two guards. His letter is filled with joy, with loving concern, with gratitude. He cheers those who were probably trying to think of ways to cheer him. He has been “very thoroughly initiated into the human lot with all its ups and downs” (Phil.4:12), and assures his friends, “I have strength for anything through him who gives me power” (v. 13).

    Think of those words! Strength for anything. They are for us today. Something, perhaps, looms ominously in our imagination. “I’ll never be able to do that,” “What will we do if.. . ,” “She won’t be able to stand it if. . .,” “I can’t take it.” For any such threat, remember who it was who gave Paul strength. He stood by him in his cell. He stands by you today. He will give you strength for anything—if you ask Him for it. Don’t be afraid. It is always possible to do God’s will.  

    **Excerpt originally published in The Music of His Promises, p. 80.