Strength for What’s Coming

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  • “You shall observe all that I command you this day, so that you may have strength to enter and occupy the land” (Deut. 11:8).

    Moses has been reviewing what the Lord did for Israel—His discipline, His guidance, His protection. You know all this, He says. Now obey what He commands today. Then you’ll have strength.

    This is God’s Word to me this morning, for I had wakened thinking of the ridiculously complicated agenda of the coming ten days. How did I get into this? Never mind that now. Just be obedient. Do today, faithfully, all that the Lord gives you to do. Then the strength will be given for what’s coming. There is no need to go to pieces. Obey. Today.  

    **Excerpt originally published in The Music of His Promises, p. 120.